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In the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about Noni Juice. Something else that a lot of people talk about is the Noni Juice scam. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. First of all, you need to know what Noni Juice is if you have never heard of it. This is a fruit that was found in Tahiti and was brought to America, because of all the amazing health benefits of it. After it was brought to America, it was turned into a MLM company. So now you know that Noni Juice is supposed to be some amazing fruit that is suppose to have a ton of health benefits and can even cure medical conditions. This is where the scam came in to play.

Whenever the Noni Juice was first marketed, it was marketed as a healing fruit that did, not only taste great, but it has all kinds of powers that could cure you. This was not marketed as a normal fruit that maybe had extra vitamin C. This fruit was said to cure all kinds of diseases, as well as some medical conditions. However, when you claim so many things about one fruit, you are going to become under fire by the FDA. They informed the company that they could not claim this, because their “claims” were unfounded and, of course, un-researched. This means that the founder of the Noni juice was taking it upon himself to claim powers that these fruits did not have. Many people view this as a selling technique.

So the Noni Juice scam was out of the bag, and it cost this company tons of money. In fact, it is said that it could have cost them millions of dollars in their revenue. Not only that, but in 1998, the attorney generals office finally agreed to an undisclosed amount of money from the company. This amount of money was thought to be in the tens of millions of dollars range. Also, on top of all that, the company was told that it was ordered to give refunds to any of their Noni juice customers that made a written request for their money back.

After all of this, the company is still up and running. However, they no longer market it as a power healing fruit. Also, they no longer publish Noni juice customer testimonials (or success stories) without seeing proof first. They can still sell the Noni Juice fruit drink, but they are not allowed to make any claims about the healing power of this Tahiti fruit. The Noni Juice drink is still thought to be good for you, but there is no special healing power inside the fruit. Whenever you hear a company make that kind of claim, it is always going to make you wonder about it. Many people feel for this Noni Juice scam, because it was a fruit that they have never heard of, from a place that many people have never been. We all know there are great things out there in this world, and a lot of us want to believe there is stuff out there like that. This makes a lot of people fall for scams that they would not normally believe in.

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Joe 03.09.2008. 13:10

"Many people feel for this Noni Juice scam, because it was a fruit that they have never heard of, from a place that many people have never been."

Maybe people ought to start studying more then. So just because they've never been there means it doesn't exist? I'm sure not everyone has been to the vineyards they buy their wines from but oh do they drink that stuff up!

Shiva 10.02.2010. 23:08

Noni fruit juice was marketed by several herbal cos in recent horitculture fair at Hyderabad. It was very expensive @ Rs450 per 500ml. It was claimed to have anti-aging properties & said to be cure all remedy & packed in very attractive packaging like popular wine bottles. But there were not many buyers. It must be just a smart marketing trick by profit minded cos. In general its benefits I gather from few websites, seem to be no more than orange juice as source of vitamin c. More research is required to prove all the claims of Noni juice/fruit benefits.

Danielle 26.06.2011. 22:35

People are often skeptical/cautious of new products, especially herbal remedies, which is understandable, why take something you know nothing or very little about. People should be equally skeptical/cautious of the medicines that are doctor prescribed, and on the market today! I must say it is not very comforting to hear the long list of possible side effects they rattle off at the end of the med commercials. Have you ever taken noni juice or known someone that has taken noni juice for an extended period of time? As it was stated there are health benefits to noni juice so why not do your own personal extended study (at least 3 months) on the noni juice and then report back your results. This seems like just research you done through reading.. why not prove that it's a scam as you believe it is? I am sure many would be interested in what findings you come up with, I know I would be!

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