Noni Juice Fraud

One of the most popular products being hawked by MLM enthusiasts over the past few years is Noni Juice. You may have heard and seen some of the outrageous claims and health benefits being touted by die hard believers in the Noni Juice miracle. It can be difficult to decipher what is real and what has been grossly exaggerated. All this may leave you wondering, “Is Noni juice a fraud or is it really the next medical miracle that believers claim it is?”

Are there any proven Noni Juice benefits? Well, there are none that are substantiated by the medical community or backed by solid research. So, how exactly did the entire Noni Juice fraud catch on like wildfire and spread unchecked? If you have ever watched any of those late night infomercials, you may notice how anything they are selling can seem like the greatest invention since the creation of the universe. Honestly, some of those commercials can convince you (and have convinced many) to buy dog poo.

The rule of thumb when promoting fraudulent health products like Noni Juice is that the more exotic and secretive the marketing material is, the better you (the consumer) will respond to the advertising campaign. After all, everyone wants to be apprised of the newest ‘secret’ medical miracle or cure. This is how the Noni juice fraud still continues to proliferate and thrive. It is how most mythical health wonder products are born. You will do yourself a huge favor by just eating well, drinking lots of water, and exercising than by buying into fraudulent health scams.

The basis for the Noni juice fraud is that the bitter Noni fruit contains the so-called miracle ingredient ‘proxeronine’ which is a precursor to ‘xeronine’. If you have ever taken the time to check the RDA list for essential vitamins and minerals, you will find neither of these substances listed. However, Noni juice marketers will have you believe that the medical community is hiding this information from you, which adds even more to the mysterious allure of Noni juice. Since people are naturally distrustful of the government and medical community anyhow, this makes it easier to perpetuate the Noni juice fraud.

If you are still sitting on the proverbial fence, ask yourself where the medical research and proof is. Well, consider these facts. Noni juice is derived from a fruit produced by the Polynesian morinda citrifolia tree. You may be thinking that if it is a fruit, it cannot be all that bad and it must have some nutritional value, right? Well, if you tried to bite into one of these Noni fruits straight from the tree, you would immediately spit it back out because it is so bitter. The Noni juice you see on supermarket shelves and that is being sold in copious amounts by MLM marketers is heavily processed and sweetened just so you can even bear to drink it.

According to independent laboratory studies, Noni juice does have a small amount of B vitamins, but it is lacking in the antioxidants that are proven to help heal the body. It also contains a minimal amount of vitamin C and traces of calcium. With so little real nutritional value, the truth is that you would have to virtually consume gallons of the drink to see any real health benefits.

So, is Noni juice a fraud or is it the next great cure-all medical miracle the company claims? The truth is that you should do your research before jumping on any of the latest health miracle bandwagons. An informed consumer makes the choice based upon the facts. Be informed.

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Chris T 21.11.2008. 12:34

Thank you for speaking the truth about this

kris mulia 27.07.2009. 18:57

thank you so much for your comments, good for consumer protection
I feel I have been foolished by my doctor's friend
who is in the mlm met marketing of tahitian noni juice.

debbie 18.12.2010. 16:49

I have found that upon using noni juice that it has proven to be most effective for me and family. as well as friends. it has worked for me. i have tried other products. and nothing works as good as noni juice. i use it to lose some weight and has shown great, great results. i would recommmend this to anyone. tahitian noni juice is great. Thanks so much. great product.

clk348 26.07.2011. 18:35

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, Noni juice gives me more stamina so I don't feel exhausted by mid afternoon. It also helps with alertness and preventing mental sluggishness after workouts or teaching high intensity group fitness classes.

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