Is Noni Juice A Fraud

Many of us have seen the Noni juice ads and they are as alluring as anything out there, come on who wouldn’t be interested in a beautifully dressed woman wearing a grass skirt and shells,asking you to buy the latest elixir of health “Noni juice” , that women is enough to brainwash the consumers to buy the product in spite of its steep pricing, weird taste and unpublished reports about its efficacy. So the question to ask, is Noni juice a fraud?

To answer this I’d simply begin by saying have a look at the label on the Noni juice bottles it would read something like, the natives of Polynesia have consumed it since forever to maintain the best of health and peace of mind, but the small asterisk tells that the food and drug agency does not agree, the label might also have statements about how the newer benefits are being discovered everyday but then again there is another asterisk and we all know what that means!

There are numerous websites selling the product and a similar number ridiculing the claims. Both seem correct when you read what they have to say. But to be honest, a simple natural product to cure, prevent and heal all ailments from cancerous tissues to uterus fibroids seems a bit far fetched, especially when there’s not a lot of data in terms of research studies and clinical trials to back up the claims.

Google description of Noni would read something like it’s a fruit that grows in tropics also known as bitter, vomit or rotten cheese fruit mainly because of the sharp pungent smell, additionally it’s told that it is consumable but consumed only at times of famine when there’s nothing else to eat. Also given is about its use in pharmacopoeias of Pacific Islands and some regions of Southeast Asia, but having been to many of the pacific islands myself, have observed that the natives themselves are not in the best of health, why so?

If as it is said they have been consuming it for ages they should be free from common and serious ailments right? Something seems amiss, either they don’t consume it or simply it does not work either ways falsifying the claims, a WHO report on the health status of French Polynesia tells that obesity is very much prevalent there in excess of 40% of the population is overweight, and not to mention the high number of diabetics present, since we can be sure of a WHO report, the most logical explanation comes that the claims made by Noni juice are simply fake, and it’s no wonder there are so many people suffering from problems because of this sham product.

That aside Noni fruit in its pure form is very beneficial providing an abundance of vitamins and minerals and fiber, but somehow the same does not show in the juice, perhaps because of the poor processing and manufacturing process or because of shorter shelf life who knows?

In the end I would say, I believe in something that tastes good makes you feel good but Noni juice tastes bitter and acerbic so how can it make anyone feel good from within. In view of these I would suggest hold back on the Juice till studies and clinical trials are conducted and there’s some concrete evidence on its efficacy, till then I am not convinced and will say a no to its outrageous claims, and dicey marketing strategies.

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Genesis today 28.06.2009. 14:43

95% of noni juice out there is just a noni flavor, or hardly even beneficial. genesis today is a company that uses the whole noni fruit to make their 'juice'... it is an extract that is a very thick liquid. it is sold in 16 or 32 oz containers. I personally recommend the noni, I've been consuming it for years in conjunction with acai, goji, pomegranete and mangosteen. The reason that the FDA doesn't ''approve'' the noni juice is because you can't patent a plant so they make no money off of iit.

Sir Harry 03.08.2009. 10:19

I live in the Dominican Republic and have on my property many,many Noni trees. When thet fruit turns yellowish I harvest them and leave them,yes until they smell awful. I than strain the pulp and leave the juice,which I drink.

So far I have not felt bad after each glass.

However it would be great to know if I am wasting my time completely or if there are any benefits,you know of.

I would really appreciate an answer,

kind regards,

Sir Harry

K.Dunn 09.08.2009. 09:25

Well now, I'm a reasonably fit 82, year old. I have been using Noni juice at the recommended level for 3 months, and no, it hasn't reduced my blood pressure (nor for that matter did Q10,Calcium Magnesium or chewing cellery) my hair has not sprouted new roots,my eyesight has not improved and most of the other claims,have not shown up in my trial. But yes it has given me more vigour and this is not immagined. Because of this I most certainly will continue for another 6 months,and then report again.

justin 22.08.2009. 22:11

I don't know if it works or doesn't work. But don't dismiss something that you don't know, you just have to try it yourself to find out. Yes it taste horrible, probably why people drink it enough of it. Why the hell doesn't FDA research this berry to find out if it works.

Paulina 23.11.2009. 08:48

I am a 28 year old student of Kumasi Polytechnic. I developed multiple sclerosis. And had several bad night sleeps from which I woke up very tired and week day after day. I was equally growing thiner as the day goes by until a friend introduce me to noni juice. After using it for week, I begun to have better sleep and my health which was getting bad every day has improved amazingly. I have regain some healthy weight. Thanks to Noni - Paulina Ghana.

Kelvin 05.12.2009. 07:24

The article is interesting, but at best a personal opinion. It would be nice to know the credential of the writer and the references he used.

Dorothy 21.02.2010. 09:22

I have been using noni for about three days now. The next day after I took two doses of it, I did feel that I had more energy than I previously had before taking it. So I continued taking it. I started having headaches on the 3rd day and after reading this site, I believe they were a result of me taking to much. I am going to lower my dosage to 1 ounce before breakfast and dinner and see if the results change. I do believe that it has inceased my energy level.

karen 04.03.2010. 05:20

My mother and father live in Jamaica and whenver my mother comes to visit she brings me natural products such as Noni juice (in it's pure form) and she gives it to me because i suffer from constipation from time to time. When i went to Jamaica, my mother suggested i take a glass which would "get me moving". Either i was too bunged up because of all of the processed foods i eat in the UK, but even though i drank a few glasses of the Noni Juice (my mothers homemade) it took a couple of days before it took effect. Personally, i don't think the manufactured bottles of Noni can be that effective but i would say that if like my mother you are able to get it and juice it yourself then it's probably just as beneficial nutritionally as eating the fruit itself.

natalia 01.04.2010. 20:06

Noni Juice had made wonders in my son's life. He suffered with asthma attack at least twice a week. During the winter time, i had the neubulizer connected most of the time. But I started giving him Noni Juice in the morning before breakfast, in conjuction with chlorella pills. Thanks God he created the Noni, and chlorella, after a year of taking noni, I hardly have to use the machine again. His immune system is so good now. Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Pratap Ch Bhanja 08.04.2010. 00:39

If so much personal claims (testimonials) in support of & against the NONI, then why organisations like FDA (USA) are not coming up with true research findings? Will someone answer?
If something is beneficial to mankind, then that should be supported by research findings. Let the truth prevail.

qaspiani 04.06.2010. 08:23

...In India they are producing Noni and i have been using this product for year and a half the way they advised me , and after this long experiment i wouldn't give up Noni no matter what ,in short word Noni gave me life back again , believe me i am not exaggerating but fro that day i didn't suffer from fever running nose headache every thing work just fine even the temper is controllable .
tell you 1 thing from my experiment , i have blood pressure long time ago it s=use to be 17/ 13 or 14 but that day 2 monthes ago i wient to hospoital and asked the nurse to check my pressure an dthere it was after having 2 small bags of salty chps 13/9
it is amazing and i recommend Noni for everyone as supplement

Deaunna R Evans 17.07.2010. 20:41

In the mid 90's I began taking an herbal product that gave me tons of energy and helped me to loose weight. When I finally convinced my husband, a natural born skeptic to try this product it literally put him to sleep! I couldn't believe the results! This product gave me so much energy it made me want to go cut down a tree or something and did just the opposite to him. How can this be? Was it his skeptical mind over body that wanted to prove me wrong or was the physiology of his body wired way different than mine? Maybe that is why product clinical trials give some people a placebo and others the real thing. Could that be the answer to the Noni controversy is that everybody is different and what works for one will not work for another?

I think that the old proverb, "The proof is in the pudding" is relevant here. It means that the true value or quality of something can only be judged when it's put to use. The meaning is often summed up as "results are what count." So my advice would be to research the company of the product you want to try and determine if they make a quality product, and then just take the plunge and give it a try as per label directions. If it works for you then hallelujah! But I wouldn’t go around telling other people that it will do the same for them because it might not and there you are looking a bit lame. Take if from me, that's no fun at all! Good luck and Go For It! You only have a few dollars to loose and so much more to gain!

Skai 21.07.2010. 21:21

I would have to agree with Kelvin. I am not judging at all, I am a firm believer in the healing powers of nature, but I must admit that the article(s) seem to be written as opinion rather that experience. This leads me to feel that it could be an uneducated piece. Some of the grammar and spelling alone makes me question the validity. Not that I am overlooking the possibility that English may not be the first language of those who provided this info. But I want to feel that the information I seek, to aid in my search to help heal others, is valid and not emotionally influence to the point of being misleading. Is there anyone out there who has experienced real proof in one direction or the other involving this fruit and or its juice? Thank you.
Skai (Sky)

Michael Frew 10.08.2010. 23:03

I must admit that I'm a real sceptic as far as these things go. I tried noni for about 6 months. During that time my blood pressure decreased amazingly from 160/90 to 110/70. I had been treated for hypertension for about 20 yrs and medication had barely controlled it. I have no explanation except it must have been the noni. I have since stopped taking it because of high cost and my blood pressure is back up again. M.F.

Semone 14.08.2010. 14:15

I find Noni juice to be exceptionally powerful for me, my friends and family. Here are the proven benefits.
1. I find it to be extremely good for respiratory problems, especially asthma, colds, coughing excess mucus and runny nose, congestion and not to mention pneumonia. It significantly reduces mucus and fluid build up in the long and gets rid of a miserable cough that the cough syrups dont do.

2. It definitely increases energy levels, but unlike caffiene it relaxes our nerves and gives us restful sleep.

3. It works well for stomach ulcers, heartburn and acid reflux, and indigestion.

4. i like the youthful appearance i get from its use.

5. the pulp of the noni applied as a mask to the face does wonders! try it!

6. And even little children benefit greatly1 It gets rid of and keeps away the colds and coughs and runny nose, but it can make them little energy bunnies.

However, i make my own noni juice and sweeten with honey or maple syrup. that one works well, i guess because its 100% pure.


MaBelleO 18.09.2010. 22:46


I start to take Noni Juice coz my mother-in-law suggest me to take this juice coz it makes a miracle on my husband when he was younger.

As most of the person says, it worth a try.

Unfortunately, I have to buy the one in Canada, even if I trust more the one from Philippines, but my husband told me it's the same taste than the one in Philippines, which was made by the neighbor.

Hope to see result soon and if not, well, I will have given it a try at least.

seto Pongo 20.09.2011. 05:52

I had a stage 5 kidney failure sometime early 09,and had been on dialysis since then until january 20/11 when I had kidney transplant.I was introduced to Noni juice by my elder brother whom although have never use this product before,but had done a bit of research on the net.I started taking Noni juice somewhere early 20/10 for a period eight months whiles on dialysis,I actually shocked my doctors and other patients.I was very fit, my immune system was strong, and actually go about my daily life as if nothing is wrong with me. I did not have malaria for over a year,until after my transplant and I was told by my doctors they will have to lower my immune system to enable my body to accept the new kidney.I personally think noni is very good,especially when taken in it`s pure natural form.For that reason I have tried everything possible to get quite a few plants growing in my garden.Although I can not take it myself,family will be able to take it for a better quality of life.Seto from Ghana.

Martin 30.09.2011. 15:42

@Pratap Ch Bhanja

Common sense right?
Not for FDA though.
Each natural substitution to a medicine approved by FDA, is less $ for FDA. They certainly don't want to make less money, but rip you off as much as possible.
People who knows natural treatments to common sicknesses of todays world, are either shut off by getting paid by pharmaceutical companies (which first of all make huge $ on us), or simply intimidated so in order to stay alive they sit quietly.

Life is brutal, it is up to us, how are we going to walk through it.

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