Criticism of Noni juice

The criticism of Noni juice is increasing. Many people fell for Noni juice slogans and glorious tales from the miracles that were results of the juice. The juice companies claimed that Noni juice contains miracle ingredients that can treat various evils. Many people complained that the juice companies promised to mush and then left them disappointed. So with all the criticism of Noni juice, we smell something fishy.

The Issues Of Noni Criticism
Companies claimed that Noni juice helps and heals many diseases. Now some people claimed this to be true, but the majority was left disappointed by the results and the fact that noni juice isn’t all it was supposed to be.

Many Noni-producing companies claim to have a research to back up their claims but this is not true, the major part of their research is false material made only for publicity and sales. The hottest Noni juice criticism was due to the fact that it can cure cancer. If somebody believes that the juice of noni will help to treat their cancer, drinks it, and then their hopes are smashed. Can you imagine the great loss of hope and feeling of stupidity that that person goes through?

Another reason for which people strongly criticize Noni juice is the poor amount of things like protein, calcium and other ingredients. If you want to obtain the strict minimum of your daily protein needs you must drink 22 bottles of juice (approximately $850 per day). If you want to consume the minimum quantity of calcium you should drink 50 juice bottles. There are other nutritive insufficiencies that the juice of noni has, but they are right two of most exceptional.

So to conclude this criticism of Noni juice - in our opinion it was all the high hopes and big promises made by the Noni companies that turned this juice into a scam. The juice itself is probably good for you, but not that good, not miraculously good. Go here for more stories about the Noni juice scam and fraud.

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Akshay 19.09.2009. 03:18

I was also one of the type who did'nt believe in Noni juice therapy. But recently I have started taking Amrith Noni from valyou products and I am more than satisfied about the results it gave me as regards my problem of overexhaustion which I was suffering from for the past 5 years. To believe it or not whether it is stupid to believe it or not but before trying out something you can't judge its true nature at all. Not only in this case but also in any other situations.

kathyj316 14.12.2011. 01:53

I have been drinking Noni Juice off and on for well over 8 years. I started drinking the juice about 5 years after having a hysterectomy. The reason I am an off and on drinker is because I will stop the intake to rest my system and until I notice the changes in my energy level and focus, at which point I start the routine of 1 teaspoon each day and drink a lot of fluids. My energy level improves, my focus is clearer, my immunity to infections is higher.
I will gladly attest to the benefits of Noni Juice and I will continue to use it as a very positive part of my overall health!

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