Benefits on Noni

The benefits of noni. What are they, are they real, why is noni benefitial for your health. These questions are not easily answered since there is a lack of real studies of the benefits on noni. There are a lot of opinions and second hand information but hard evidence is well hard to find.

There is however one analysis that I found. The college of Tropical Agriculture, University of Hawaii published analysis of the noni fruit powder and juice. Although many undocumented claims for noni have well over 130 different nutrients can be found when looking around on the Internet, but no list or scientific data can be found. Analyzed as a fruit powder, noni fruit has exceptional levels of carbohydrates and dietary fiber; this provides around 55% to 100% of the DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) in a 100 g serving. The noni fruit is also a good source of protein with 12% of the DRI, the pulp of the noni fruit is very low in fat with only 4% DRI. These nutrients are in the fruit pulp/flesh and not in the fruit juice.

The main feature of the noni fruit pulp powder include the high levels of vitamin C, about 10 times the DRI and the substantial amounts of vitamin B3, iron potassium, vitamin A, calcium and sodium are all present in small amounts. In the noni juice there is only a high level of vitamin C is still retained, which 42% DRI. Noni Juice must be pasteurized at high temperatures, which unfortunately gets rid of most of the nutrients, its vitamin C content is lowered to about 31% DRI. Its carbohydrates content is also lowered to 8% DRI. Although the main nutrient of noni juice is vitamin C is it still only about half that vitamin C a raw orange will give you.

Lack of other scientific data still leaves the question open - are benefits of noni real?

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