Are Noni Juice Health Benefits Real?

The Noni Juice Controversy

Because the health benefits claimed by many users have been so profound, and in many cases, life changing, skeptics have been quick to pour scorn on them, and accuse the people who are promoting noni juice as a health product of inflating the claims about the benefits that the juice is able to provide.

The scorn with which skeptics have attacked the use of noni juice comes as some surprise to both the people who have come to rely on the juice for its health giving powers, and also the many scientists and nutritionists who have used the full rigors of science to examine and test the claims made about the powers of noni juice, and have found that in many cases, the benefits of taking the juice daily are genuine, and profound.

Anti Oxidants - The Truth About Noni Juice

The Noni fruit has some of the highest concentrations of anti oxidants in the natural world, and when these compounds are extracted from the pulp of the fruit and made into a juice, they keep all their goodness thanks to the way in which the juices are produced to maximize their retention. Anti Oxidants are essential for physical health because they “mop up” the free radicals in our body. These fast moving atoms are created by physical process inside us, and can damage cells as they move through our tissues. They cause aging, and have been linked with the tissue disorders that lead to many cancers.

Linoleic Acid

The anti-oxidants in noni juice alone are a good reason for taking it, but there are also many more proven health benefits within the juice. Sufferers of chronic pain have enjoyed huge health benefits that have massively improved their overall quality of life thanks to taking a noni juice supplement in addition to their healthy diet.

The fruit contains a substance called linoleic acid, which is widely used in order to combat inflammation and fluid retention in the body. The extract of the noni has been used in topical creams for thousands of years by people all over the world in order to treat everything from acne through to arthritis with great success, and the juice contains all the goodness of the fruit in an easy to digest form that means that it can have a faster effect on the body than it otherwise might.

Health Benefits of the Placebo Effect

Although the physical benefits of taking noni juice are well proven in terms of the number of studies that have been carried out, another benefit of the product, which cannot be ignored, is the effect that it has on the overall wellness of users. Many of the benefits are often put down to the placebo effect. The placebo effect is a widely studied although little understood phenomenon that has been documented in many clinical trials. It means that people who think that they are taking a health product such as a supplement or drug will often get the benefits of it even when they are not using it at all.

Skeptics find it easy to dismiss the benefits that people taking noni juice talk report as the results of a placebo effect. This is simply because the results can be so profound, fast compared to conventional medical treatments.

A number of scientific studies have shown that the noni has genuine health benefits in a wide spectrum of conditions, and the juice has been afforded full approval by many health authorities around the world as a food supplement that offers real benefits.

Noni juice - Yes or No?

Leaving aside all the controversy of noni juice and its health benefits there a few simple facts that most of the people agree on. The fact that noni juice is very rich with anti oxidants and other beneficial substances and the fact that the health benefits of these substances are real. The final effect of drinking noni juice can be different from person to person and there is no guarantee that the health benefits will be visible at all. It is also very likely that some people exaggerate and mystify the effects of noni juice. But the facts remain - one way or another, noni juice is good for your health. We encourage you to read other scam - fraud related articles on this site, so you get a better picture and different points of view.

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