Antifungal Lavender Noni Lotion

Noni, a fruit widely grown in the tropics have been recognized and used for centuries because of its popular medicinal value. The noni tree is a small tree from the coffee family, and its fruit is small, about the size of a potato. Despite its size, it contains an enormous amount of active ingredients that make it such an indispensable and remarkable gift from nature.

Noni is widely grown in tropical climate particularly in Southeast Asia, Australia and Polynesia. It has been traditionally used for centuries as medicinal ointment to relieve joint aches, muscle aches, inflammation, sprains, soreness, fatigue and chronic pain. Whilst noni has been used only by the locals as a tribal medicinal remedy in the past, it has now been popularized and promoted extensively in every part of the world. Today, the health properties of noni are widely acknowledged by researchers, scientists and doctors as effective and all encompassing.

Medicinal Properties of Noni

Almost every component of the noni tree has great health benefits, ranging from its leaf, its fruit and seed. Noni seeds contain high concentration of linoleic acid, an unsaturated omega-6 acid which has been proven to reduce inflammation of the skin, reduce acne and retain moisture. Linoleic acid has also been linked to cancer prevention and used in clinical research by the United States National Cancer Institute to treat breast cancer. Millions of people drink noni juice today as a supplement tonic drink due to its high antioxidant content and medicinal properties to fight cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Noni also contains anti bacteria and anti fungi compounds that help fight bacteria strains such as E. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus and even plasmodium falciparum, the parasite responsible for malaria. The antifungal property of noni is not a new discovery. For centuries, noni has been widely used to heal all kinds of bacteria and fungus infections such as wounds, bruises, cuts and skin abrasions. A recent breakthrough based on studies conducted by researchers in the Philippines found that noni is proven to be effective in fighting mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that cause tuberculosis.

A Healing and Soothing Potion Packaged in a Bottle Lavender Noni Lotion combines the healing and soothing properties of noni and the lovely pleasant fragrance of lavender. Its double action is not only in its ingredients but also in its function. Lavender Noni Lotion can be used as a moisturizer to enhance skin condition and to relieve dryness. Its rich emollient ingredients help to revitalize skin cells and make them look youthful and vibrant. Lavender Noni Lotion is also ideal as a soothing lotion after sun exposure and helps to relieve itchy and irritated skin.

Made from 99 per cent of Noni Fruit Leather and organic Lavender and grapefruit seed extract, the Lavender Noni Lotion has all the medicinal properties of noni. It can be used to relieve joint aches, inflammation, soreness, cramps, muscle stiffness, bruises, sport injuries and sprains. Due to noni’s high antifungal properties, Lavender Noni Lotion can also be used as an antiseptic and anesthetic by applying it on an affected area such as a cut, bruise or injury.

Lavender Noni Lotion is easy to use. Just apply on the affected area and leave it to dry, allowing it to work its medicinal and therapeutic wonders on the ailment. For injuries, cuts or wounds, it is recommended to cover the entire affected area with the lotion to ensure maximum healing.

As it is wholly made from natural ingredients, Lavender Noni Lotion can be used as often as required. It is safe to be used on children or even babies. Just as noni juice is traditionally safe to be consumed by pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers, Lavender Noni Lotion is a perfectly safe product that provides instant relief and comfort to all in the family. It is also the handy miracle bottle that can be carried everywhere and used anytime.

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