What is noni juice?

The History Of Noni Juice

For hundreds of years, people living in South East Asia have used the fruit of the Great Morinda or noni plant as both a food and as a treatment for dozens of physical complaints from asthma through to aches and pains. The noni fruit has become a staple of the traditional medical care given to millions of people around the world. Generations of people have found it to be an effective and reliable treatment and health giving supplement with many beneficial effects when used properly.

Noni Juice Today

Although the noni plant grew happily in the tropical conditions found throughout Asia and was well known in the area, and widely used. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the noni first started attracting major attention in the west, but over the last few years, it has been adopted as one of the most popular health supplements and is now used effectively to treat all kinds of medical conditions.

Eating the fruit of the Great Morinda is a less than pleasant affair – it has an unpleasant bitter taste and smell that have earned it the nickname of vomit fruit. Many people who may have really benefited from taking noni have been put off by the nasty taste of the plant, and missed out on the health benefits that it can offer.

Thankfully, a number of modern techniques have been invented that allow for all the nutrients and essential anti-oxidants of the noni fruit to be extracted and preserved without the majority of the taste.

Genuine Noni Juice takes the extract of the fruit with all its goodness and offers a pleasant and convenient way for people to get all the nutrients and natural compounds from the fruit in a form that can be stored and used at home without any problems.


Noni Juice was first brought to the market by a company called Morinda. The year was 1995. The same company still produces noni juice today through its subsidiary company called Tahitian Noni International. Today there are more than 300 companies producing and selling noni juice. A the noni plant grows best in French Polynesia this is also the place where most of the juice comes from. Even more - Noni juice has become the number one export of French Polynesia.

Noni Juice Health Benefits

Most people who have started to use noni juice notice all kinds of noni juice benefits to their health thanks to the range of vitamins and minerals that can be found in every mouthful. Thanks to the unique status of Noni juice and all its reported health benefits, manufacturers around the world are keen to keep the drink as natural as possible, and avoid using any chemicals such as preservatives and flavorings in the drink when they make it, in order to maintain the purity and natural characteristics of the fruit as well as possible without any man made additives to weaken the effect.

In the past few years, noni juice has been championed by both physicians, oncologists, and nutritionists thanks to its range of health giving benefits, and many of the people who use it have found that it has improved their quality of life, and educed the impact of the symptoms of their illnesses. From people with chronic pain, through to cancer patients, the number of people who have benefited in some way from adding noni juice to their diet is huge, and there is plenty of scientific evidence for its benefits in a lot of medical conditions.

Noni juice is widely discussed as a miracle product, an elixir of life that can offer people all kinds of benefits, and there is certainly plenty of evidence that it can have a profound effect on the health of those who use it, as it has the people of south East Asia, who have enjoyed its many benefits for hundreds of years.
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