Tahitian Noni Juice

Tahitian Noni Juice is produced from a plant called Noni, Tahitian noni, Indian mulberry, great morinda, Beach mulberry. This is a small tree that is native to Southeast Asia but has been spread by man throughout India and into the Pacific Islands to as for as the Islands of French Polynesia, mainly Tahiti. But it can also be found in some parts of the West Indies.

Noni grows in shaded forests; it also grows on open rack ground and some sandy shores. After about 18 months of growing it will start to grow fruit and have somewhere between 4 and 8 kg of fruit every month all year round. It can grow in saline soils (soils which have high amounts of salt) and it can also last drought conditions. So it can pretty much grow where it pleases, clearings, lava-strewn coast lines, limestone outcrops and even volcanic terrain. It grows up to about 9 meters tall and it has large dark green leaves.

Noni can flower and have fruit all year round; the flowers are small and white. This fruit is what is known as a multiple fruit. A multiple fruit is formed from a cluster of flowers (called an inflorescence). Each of these flowers produces fruit, but these then grow into a single fruit. Other examples of multiple fruit are figs, pineapple, mulberry, breadfruit and Osage orange. The noni fruit have a strong smell when they ripen, and this is sometimes called a cheese fruit or vomit fruit. The fruit grows green, then the fruit turns yellow and then as it ripens it turns almost white.

Depending on where the plant grows (the geographical location) the juice made from it can have different effects as the fruit contains different levels of so called good substances. Tahitian noni juice is considered to be the best of all noni juices although there is no scientific data to confirm that. If you are interested you can also read the Tahitian noni juice review.

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