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So you have heard of it, you may have even wanted to try it, but what is it? What is Noni? This is a great and very different fruit that grows in the Pacific Islands. That is the main reason why a lot of people from America have never heard of it before. The fruit was found a long time ago and brought over to America. The fruit in the Pacific Island has been know for a long time to be a beneficial fruit. In fact, people around the world say they drink it to enhance bodily functions, as well as having an all around healthy body.

So what is one thing that makes this fruit so good for us? Well for one thing, it comes from a place where pollution is at an all time low. Not only that, but it also tends to grow in volcanic soil. So as you can guess, there are lot of places that can grow this fruit, like China and India. However, one place that grows it, grows it totally organic and that is the Cook Islands. This is where the fruit comes from that gets added into the Noni Fruit Juice.

Now you may want to know a little bit about the plant that this fruit grows on. The fruit is actually known as Morinda Citrifolia. The fruit can be found growing on small shrub like trees. The fruit is about the size of a medium pear. At first look, the fruit does not look very appealing. The outside of it has warts on the skin much like a pomegranate. After planting a shrub (if you choose to grow them yourself), you would see fruit in about 10 months. However, you really need to wait about 18 months before you pick them. Otherwise they do not taste right. In the places where these shrubs grow, they can make fruit all year long.

The fruit is supposed to be good for us, but what is in it? There are so many beneficial things inside this Noni fruit that it is hard to name them all. However, it does have Valin, as well as Vitamin A, C and E. Not only that, but it has a lot of the B Vitamins as well, including B1, 2, 5, 6, and 12. The fruit is also full of Vomifol, Zinc, and has copper in it as well. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It also has Iron, Selen, and a ton of other stuff. This is why this fruit is good for you and why people have been using it for quite some time now.

The Noni Fruit Juice is a great way to get all the benefits of the fruit in a very tasty way.

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Dr.V.Venkateshwarlu M.D 17.10.2009. 11:21

The contents of the fruit are health promoting.There is no harm in taking the juice.It is a great help as an antioxident which will help in many diseases.

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