Noni Juice Produciton

How Noni Juice is Made?

There are a few different ways noni juice is made and each gives a slightly different result. The most popular methods will be explained below.

Noni Juice Only

Here the noni fruit is picked when it is very very ripe. In this state the fruit is virtually wet and dripping with juice. So the fruits are picked and put over a screen where the juice can collect below in special containers. After filtration this juice goes straight to the bottles without any artificial add-ons. This kind of juice has "100% pure noni juice" label although there can be sometimes water added. This is the most natural way of making noni juice but as a result this juice has a strong taste that comes from the fruit and as the fruit is so ripe it can be rotten. In this case it looses many of the health beneficiary qualities.

The Noni Puree

Here the noni juice is picked when ripe and then mashed into a puree. The seeds are removed and the remaining puree is mixed with some other more "liquid" juice to make it easier to drink. This kind of juice has a more pleasant flavor because of the added juices, but there is a risk of adding to much juice. In this case the health benefits of noni are weakened. The noni juice should be at least 3/4 of the total.

Noni Tablets

Noni fruit is again picked when ripe and is then dried until there is no moisture in it. After that the dry fruits are grind and the resulting "powder" is pressed into tablets or capsules. This is the most convenient way of enjoying noni fruit but some qualities can be lost in the drying process.

The Powdered Noni Juice

The process is the same as above until you get noni fruit powder. But with Powdered Noni Juice other juices and flavors are added to the powder so you get a drinkable liquid. This juice is easy to drink but there is again the danger of loosing health benefits by drying the fruit. Also you can not be sure how much powder there is in the juice.
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