Health Benefits of Drinking Tomato Juice

The health benefits of drinking tomato juice have been acknowledged by the medical community for many years. One benefit of eating a raw tomato, for example, is the vitamin C that we derive from this food. A tomato is rich in vitamin C and eating one medium sized tomato gives our body a daily value of 23 mg of Vitamin C.


Vitamins in tomato juice

Other vitamins that are available to us in tomatoes are Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. The importance of Vitamin A is to maintain good bones and teeth as well as eyesight. Vitamin A also helps in fighting infectious diseases. Health benefits from the B vitamins include increased energy, healthy nervous system, good digestion and healthy skin, hair and nails.

Tomato Juice Prevents Cancer?

Another significant health benefit from drinking tomato juice is its effect on preventing cancer. It is not known for certain why tomatoes help fight cancer. However, scientists believe that lycopene is the agent in tomatoes that wards off certain cancers. Lycopenes give tomatoes its red color. When tomatoes are cooked, the lycopenes from the cells of the tomatoes are released. It has been shown that cooking tomatoes rather than eating them fresh from the garden more than doubles the effect of lycopene. Most tomato juice recipes require cooking time. This would indicate the merits of drinking tomato juice since the effect of lycopene is increased by the cooking method.

Tomato Juice And Immune System Deficiencies And Other Benefits

Drinking tomato juice helps protect people against immune system deficiencies. Other benefits include help in preventing cardiovascular disease and eye disease, as well as prenatal health problems. Tomatoes contain lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamin A and other nutrients. The benefits of tomato consumption cannot be underestimated. Drinking the by product of tomatoes, i.e., tomato juice would seem the practical thing to do. What better way to be healthy than by making homemade tomato juice? Included here are a couple of recipes to try for making tomato juice. Keep in mind that drinking tomato juice represents a healthy lifestyle.

Having a good recipe on hand is an excellent way to keep yourself active in maintaining your health.

Here are two easy to make recipes for tomato juice:
Tomato Juice Recipes

You can also check out this article for more info on health benefits of tomato juice.

Tomato Juice Recipes

Tomato Juice Recipe # 1
An easy way to make tomato juice is by using a 6 oz can of tomato paste. Mix together the tomato paste, six cups of water, 1 TB lemon juice, 1 TB salt and a dash of Tabasco. Stir well and store in a pitcher with sealable lid. Refrigerate. This juice recipe is convenient and economical since you don't have to peel or core real tomatoes.

Tomato Juice Recipe # 2
This recipe calls for 3 lbs of ripe tomatoes cored and chopped, 1 1/4 cups chopped celery, 1/3 cup chopped onion, 2 TB sugar, 1 tsp of salt, pinch of black pepper. Add dash of Tabasco sauce. Simmer all ingredients in stainless steel pot for 25 minutes. Drain mixture through a sieve. Store juice in refrigerator. Juice will keep one week at most. This juice recipe may take a little longer to make but actually tastes better since real tomatoes are used.

Some people, however, may not like tomato juice. If you don't like tomatoes or tomato juice, there are plenty of other choices. Some may simply prefer other kinds of juices similar to tomato juice. Alternative juices that come to mind are vegetable juice, beetroot juice and carrot juice. Another well known product is V-8 juice.

Vegetable juices can be made from carrots, celery, cucumbers and beetroots. A combination of thses vegetables makes very tasty drinks. Beetroot juice, by itself, is a very strong drink and should be diluted with either water or other juices. Beetroot juice helps aid in preventing high blood pressure.

Other Healthy Juice Recipes

Beetroot Juice Recipe
A good recipe for beetroot juice is a simple combination of a beetroot, 2 large carrots and a stalk of celery. Wash all vegetables in warm water. Take off the tops of the beetroot and carrots. Slice all vegetables, place in a juicer and juice. Refrigerate and serve cold.

Carrot Juice Recipe
Carrot juice is made by washing 4 large carrots, taking off the tops and slicing. Use juicer, makes one cup. A variation is to add an equal part of apple juice and mix. This is tasty and nutritious.

V-8 Juice Recipe
A popular drink that can be bought already made is V-8 juice. A juice recipe for V-8 juice is something all of us should have. It is not only good for us but it has many healthy vitamins as well. In addition, you can save some money by making V-8 juice on your own.

V-8 juice is made by using the following: 6-8 medium carrots, 1 small beet, 3 large fresh tomatoes, baby spinach, small head of green cabbage, 1 red bell pepper, 1 green bell pepper, 3 stalks of celery, small sweet onion, garlic, kale and dash of Tabasco sauce. Salt to taste. To complete the recipe, juice all ingredients together, salt to taste and enjoy.

V-8 juice has several vitamins that are beneficial to maintaining good health. It has Vitamin A, C and E. Vitamin A helps promote good vision and healthy skin. Vitamin C insures strong bones and teeth. Vitamin E protects us against cell damage. V-8 juice has at least 100% of the recommended daily value of Vitamins A, C and E combined.

Tomato juice has Vitamin A, C and E, just like V-8 juice. These two juices are both delicious and easy to make. Tomato juice stands out as the better choice due to its higher content of Vitamins A, C and E. When the main ingredient is tomato, there is a higher content of Vitamin C. Also, lycopene is the ingredient that gives tomatoes their red color. Lycopenes are strong anti oxidants. Anti oxidants are known to protect us against certain cancers, like prostate and breast cancer. Lycopenes also help reduce coronary artery disease.

The best is saved for last. There are no known side effects of drinking tomato juice. Therefore, this makes tomato juice safe to drink and safe to enjoy its health benefits.

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very usefull

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have it everyday man it's really amazing to be always in a sound health free you from cholesterol heart diseases skin problem

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I started drinking tomato juice when I feel something wrong with my throat. I keep on researching which fruit can help my problem, I went to the grocery store and I bought a tomato juice.As time goes by I can no longer feel bad at my throat. Now I can say that tomato is the best solution to my problem.To all the viewers I recommend you to drink tomato juice.

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good....can i drink market made tomato juice?will dat give the same result?

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I love the above recipes HOWEVER, in my opinion, it is very helpful to stay away from excess salt. Therefore, I would stay away from V-8 which I used to love, but it is too salty, unless they make a V-8 drink with low sodium.

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