Health Benefits of Apple Juice

Apple juice is one of natures healthiest products. There are a lot of positive health benefits of apple juice and very few negatives. Its a good drink for both children and adults. It is even used to make some common alcoholic drinks. On top of all the benefits to your body, it is the most inexpensive fruit juice to produce on a whole.

Apple Juice Recipe

You can make apple juice yourself from home or buy it on the cheap from your local grocery store. Apple juice oxidizes quickly so for the best results, make it fresh! If you would like to make it at home there are only a few simple steps. It can be time consuming though.

The first step to making apple juice is to choose some fresh apples! Most people prefer Fuji apples because they are naturally sweeter, although if you want apple juice that is high in vitamin C you should choose between Golden Noble, Reinette, Cox's, or Johnathans apples.

Second, wash the apples with a mild dish soap, core the apples, then peel them.

Third, heat the apples in a double boiler at about 95 degrees Celsius, or 203 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow them to steam for a couple of hours while emptying the juice occasionally in a jar.

Lastly, add some sweetener or citric acid while it is still hot. The sweetener for taste, the citric acid for a preservative. Refrigerate and you're done!

Why Is Apple Juice Beneficial For Your Health?

Apple juice contains various ingredients that promote better health. Most store bought apple juice contains vitamin C. Vitamin C can help your body fight off a range of unhealthy things. The most prominent would be scurvy. Some studies have shown that vitamin C can also help you fight off the common cold but it is still widely debated. It is considered an anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants are used by the body for disease treatment and prevention. It is also very good for the body when exercising strenuously. Some reports show that when you exercise hard, the body can produce up to 10 times as many oxidants as during your normal day. This leads to problems in your body that contributes to muscle fatigue and damage during and after exercise. Anti-oxidants have also been shown to have a small chance to help prevent the body from developing various types of cancer. If consumed in moderation they promote weight loss and may help reduce your cholesterol.

Apple Juice Benefits For Alzheimer's Disease

According to a study in January of 2009, more and more evidence is shown that drinking apple juice helps to delay the onset of dementia and ultimately Alzheimer's disease. This same study showed in mice that it helped with brain function. Increasing the function in the area of the brain that helps to better cope with orientation. Apple juice also slowed the indicators of aging in the brain.

Other Substances In Apple Juice And Their Health Benefits

Apples are generally the main source of natural fiber for humans even when they don't know it! Apple juice contains a lot of iron. If you drink very large quantities however you will cause the anti-oxidants in your body to bind the iron and cause it to not be absorbed by the body which can lead to iron deficiencies. Apple juice contains most of the ingredients the body needs to perform on a daily basis but is generally low calorie, even with artificial sweetener added. The juice is rich in pectin substances that purify the body from toxins. These substances have been known to have substantially positive effects on the lungs, which help people with breathing problems, even smokers.

The list goes on an on. Apple juice can be useful against anemia, stomach disorders, rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and obesity. It can help prevent kidney and liver diseases, chronic colitis, and the formation of uric acid in the body. Apple juice has been shown to remove heavy metals and radionuclide salts from the body. It also can be helpful with dysentery, acute respiratory diseases, and laryngitis. It also contains elements that help strengthen bones which makes it extremely useful for some women and most children.

To find out more about the health benefits of apple juice and also about the benefits of other juices visit the given links.

Cloudy Apple Juice

It may also be helpful to note that the healthiest form of apple juice is that which is cloudy. Generally the clear store bought apple juice has been filtered continuously to become the clear liquid. When apple juice is filtered the two main substances that are removed are pectin and starch. Pectin, along with vitamin C and the natural fibers in apple juice are the 3 most beneficial parts of the juice. You can generally buy unfiltered apple juice in the United States on the shelves listed as apple cider. Fair warning though, apple cider in the United Kingdom is an alcoholic drink with apple juice mixed in!

Apple Juice Side Effects

Also - the FDA has significantly tested apples and natural apple juice. While there are some adverse side effects, all of the beneficial ingredients in apple juice have a high level of tolerance before they show up in a typical human. With all the possible health benefits of apple juice, there is no reason not to adhere to the famous slogan "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". The juice really is as good as the fruit and !

Another beneficial juice or actually a fruit that you might want to try are black grapes. What are the health benefits of black grapes?

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George 27.11.2010. 09:09

This article is very useful.I have a good experience which i want to share with everybody.Last year I had a bad stomach problem,frequent loose motion. I used so many medicines but it was not useful.One day i drank approx 500 ml apple juice casually,but the problem became less that day.. Since then when ever my stomach is upset i started drinking apple juice and it helps me a lot to control my stomach...

George 14.02.2011. 09:18

Yes, this article was very useful. One suggestion, when you say too much apple juice can cause problems, how much are you talking about? EX: 2 8 ounce glasses a day; a gallon a month . . .

tashi 16.03.2011. 09:42

i am tashi i realy like apple specialy apple juics. apple is complete diet in other words apple juice is fullfill the lack of weekness in human keep enjoy life with apple or apple juice.

sarah khalife 07.05.2011. 15:49

apple juice makes me fuckin drunk to an extend that i do things

PhiltheNature 18.05.2011. 21:50

Apple juice is best when it's freshly squeezed raw using a masticating juicer or hydraulic press over centrifuge juicer. It draws out the nutrient more throughly.

When consumed raw, it contains beneficial enzymes and vitamins which are destroyed when heated. As mentioned, juices should be consumed within the shortest amount of time after juicing to reduce the oxidation which diminishes the nutritional benefits.

To your health. Cheers!

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