Health Benefits of Acai Berry Juice

The Acai Berry and Acai Berry Juice have become popular buzz words in the ongoing super food health craze that has swept the nation and shows no imminent signs of letting up. The fruit lends itself to almost any cooking, drink, or dish. It can easily be included in cocktails or smoothies and added to tea, coffee, or club soda. It is an ideal salad dressing base, and also goes well as a marinade for most any meats, including beef, pork, turkey, or chicken. It also works well into soups and sauces for vegetables. Some have said that this fruit and the juice derived from it have super powers to fight aging and fat. The following paragraphs discuss the truth to these marketing rumors regarding real health benefits of the Acai Berry and Acai Berry Juice.

Explanation of the Acai Berry

The Acai Berry itself is a fruit that is reddish purple in color and grows to be about an inch long. It is harvested from the Acai Palm Tree, scientifically known as Euterpe oleracea. This unique fruit is only found native in South and Central America. Its relatives are well known in the United States, the cranberry, blueberry, and various other darker purple colored fruits. Research conducted on the Acai fruit and the Acai Juice made from it has been concentrated on the potential levels of antioxidants that they contain. It is these anti-oxidants that are useful in preventing diseases that are created by stress in the modern world, such as cancer and heart disease.

Acai Berry Juice

When harvested from the Acai Palm Trees, the Acai Berry is found to be a staggering ninety percent seed pit and only ten percent Acai pulp. These berries must be carefully treated before they are able to be distilled to a juice. In this process, Acai Berries are combined with water inside of a machine. The machine presses and grinds these fruits against one another in an agitating process. It is this process of agitation that actually separates out the Acai fruit from its seeds, yielding a thick puree from the fruit pulp of the Acai Berry. The acai juice is then made from this puree, sometimes in combination with other high nutrient fruits, such as pomegranate.

Elements in Quality Acai Juice

The quality of Acai Berry juice has much to do with how fresh the puree that it is derived from turns out to be. Another important factor in the production of Acai Berry Juice relates to whether or not it is a perineum certified organic product. As the berries and resulting juice have increased in popularity, more and more Acai Berry Juice makers are mixing up Acai products that have already lost the majority of their nutritional and health benefits because they were improperly processed. The best Acai Berry Juices then are those that are certified as organic and are made as freshly as possible.

Health Benefits from Antioxidants in Acai Fruit and Acai Juice

Science has demonstrated that the Acai Berry is comprised of a few substances called flavanoids and anthocyanins. These food components cause the blues, purples, and reds evident in a great number of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Those foods that turn out to be the darkest colored purple or black prove to be the richest in these two antioxidants. Acai Berries contain more antioxidants than do raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. In fact, the ORAC test has proven that Acai Berries have more than fifty times as much antioxidants as do blueberries. They also possess more than from ten to thirty times as many antioxidants as does red wine by comparable volume.

The Power of Acai Berry Antioxidants

Antioxidants, such as those found richly in Acai Berries and Acai Berry Juice, have been proven to assist the body in fighting back against the stressors of life. Stress creates free radicals, negative byproducts that the body produces. Drinking juices rich in such antioxidants, like the Acai Berry Juice, interrupts the free radicals' disease causing and aging processes through neutralizing them. Through reducing the harmful potency of these free radicals, antioxidants actually lessen the chances of contracting severe, life threatening diseases. Among these types of dangerous diseases are both cancer and heart disease. Also, the aging process is accelerated by excessive free radicals. In helping to get rid of these, the Acai Berry and its antioxidants are able to slow down an unnaturally rapid aging process, which results from the stresses of modern day life.

Health Benefits from the Acai Fruit Essential Nutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals

Besides being full of life extending antioxidants, Acai Berry Juice is also rich in Amino Acids, Omega Fatty Acids, Iron, Fiber, and a number of other vitamins, like Vitamin E, and minerals. The fiber is good for promoting a healthy digestive system. Besides this, these elements in the Acai Berry and juice aid the body as they are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-mutagenic. They also promote a healthy and vibrant cardiovascular system. Acai Berries furthermore possess plant sterols, such as beta-sitosterol. These sterols are currently utilized in the treatment of benign prostate dyperplasia. Such plant sterols have also demonstrated an ability to assist with reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Greater health and vitality comes from drinking these various components of which the the Acai Berry Juice is an abundant source.

Potential Acai Berries and Acai Juice Side Effects

Although there are not any known side effects presented by Acai Berries and their derived juice, it could present other health challenges. Some people may be allergic to either pollen or berries in the Acai Berry family. These people should steer clear of this fruit in general. Even for these individuals who may have allergies, the fruit and its juice are probably safe in small quantities.

A number of different health benefits have been demonstrated by the Acai Berry. Between its antioxidants, plant sterols, and amino acids, it offers something for most every body's needs. It is no wonder that Acai Berry Juice is served in every fitness club and gym in Brazil, and more and more often in such clubs and gyms around the world. 

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