Side Effects of Noni Juice

Noni juice, derived from the tropical Morinda citrifolia plant, burst onto the Western holistic health scene less than twenty years ago. The juice has been touted by some as a medical miracle, curing maladies as mild as the common cold and as severe as cancer. Because Noni is fairly new to our side of the globe, little research is available to confirm the dramatic health benefit claims made about the juice. Likewise, little is known about possible noni juice side effects that may result from the consumption of the juice. All we have to rely on, at this point, is anecdotal evidence given by consumers.

The FDA has not identified Noni juice in its GRAS list at this point. (GRAS: "Generally Regarded as Safe"). Some say this is because Noni juice is too new on the Western scene to be scientifically evaluated, and that the FDA needs to have concrete, positive scientific data about a food item before adding it to the "OK" list. Others contend that Noni juice, based on its long list of negative side effects, is simply too risky to be considered a safe food choice, let alone a supplement with health benefits.

Noni Juice Side Effects

The side effects associated with Noni juice consumption range from mild to life-threatening, and may be classified into the following groups:

Digestive Side Effects

Gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation have been correlated with Noni juice consumption. While gas and bloating are uncomfortable symptoms, diarrhea and constipation may present more serious problems. Severe diarrhea can lead to electrolyte imbalance and dehydration, an especially dangerous condition for the young, the old, the frail, and expectant mothers. Constipation, left untreated, can lead to nutritional deficiencies and permanent bowel damage.


Digestive tract problems may be the most common side effects associated with the consumption of Noni juice. Some advocates recommend combining Noni juice with fresh lemon juice and water as a means of eliminating digestive symptoms.

Respiratory Side Effects

Coughing and breathing difficulties have been reported by some Noni juice consumers. It is unclear at this point if these symptoms are caused by an allergic reaction to Noni, but anecdotal evidence suggests that decreasing consumption may curb the problem. In some cases, complete cessation is the only way to clear up the respiratory side effects of Noni juice.

Skin Side Effects

Rash, acne, boils, and other skin eruptions have been associated with the consumption of Noni juice. Interestingly, some sellers of Noni juice claim their product is the antidote for these very symptoms. Why Noni juice benefits some people with skin problems, but causes the problems in others, is unclear.

Blood Sugar Side Effects

While some claim Noni juice is an effective tool for managing diabetes, others say the juice only aggravates the disease, and can lead to diabetic shock, an emergency situation in which a diabetic's blood sugar levels cause him to become non-responsive and/or comatose. Critics of Morinda citrifolia argue that the organic juice, even in its purest form, contains sugars that simply cannot be tolerated by a diabetic's system. Advocates of the juice claim that pure, organic Noni juice actually helps regulate blood sugar, and that drinking the product provides diabetics with undeniable health benefits.

Renal Side Effects

The FDA acknowledges several incidences in which consumption of Noni juice has led a person to hyperkalemia (excessive potassium in the blood). In at least one documented instance, Noni juice-induced hyperkalemia led to kidney failure, necessitating a kidney transplant. Noni juice contains a high concentration of potassium, which may be hazardous to consumers with renal deficiencies. Renal patients, and other medically frail people, who self-medicate with this pure juice should do so only under the advice of a medical doctor.

Other Side Effects

Other reported side effects of drinking Noni juice range from minor to serious, and include headache, fatigue, heavy menstrual bleeding, and liver damage.

What Causes Noni Juice Side Effects?

Unfortunately, not enough is known about Morinda citrifolia's effect on the human body to determine a reason for the aforementioned side effects. Clearly, some consumers suffer from these problems more than others. Several theories exist as to why some people cannot tolerate the drink:


It is possible that some people are allergic to the Morinda citrifolia plant, much like some (but not all) are allergic to ragweed, flower pollens, and so on.


It is possible that some people, in their eagerness to cure life's ailments, consume too much Noni juice, assuming that "more" is better. In fact, more is not always better, and it has been recommended that Noni juice consumers drink no more than one ounce (just a few swallows) per day for optimum juice benefits.


It is possible that some people, for reasons unknown, just can't tolerate Noni juice. Advocates of Morinda citrifolia place these folks in the minority and continue to focus on the health benefits of the drink. Critics warn that these side effects are too common and too severe for consumers to continue buying and consuming Noni juice.

Noni juice is lauded by some as a miracle drink, and shunned by others as hazardous poison. Anecdotal evidence is all we have at this point to determine the value of Noni juice as a medicinal supplement. As with all herbal medicines, the consumer is pretty much "on his own" until medical science has more information to share about the usefulness and safety of this controversial product.

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Jan 20.09.2008. 07:07

Noni juice - used as directed** - not abused (which is kind of absurd anyway, what would be the point?)- does not cause constipation. It does however help cleanse the intestines. As far as the coughing for a few weeks after beginning Noni - that is a sign the body is also cleansing itself. After an adjustment period, all systems run smoothly and the healing qualities begin to shine.

To make statements like this is irresponsible and meant to scare people away from taking action to become more healthy. What would the medical system do if everyone were healthier?

Sandi 17.02.2009. 20:38

I just started dong Noni juice a couple of days ago and today I felt sensational. My energy was soaring, my stomach didn't feel irritated as it has been feeling for the last few weeks.
I believe Noni juice is as safe as drinking orange juice. And yes there are some people that are allergic to Orange juice. So I say if you have any ill side effects from Noni juice. Stop taking it!

Cindy 06.05.2009. 06:55

I had it for 8 weeks and got severe strange headaches never experienced before - like all your blood went up to head or you were upside down. It lasted for days until I stopped drinking it. I only had 1o z per day (morning with empty stomach) as instructed. I wonder if anyone had same side affect as me?

Luís Silva 14.05.2009. 13:22

I´m taking it for about 8 weeks, 30ml per day and I´m feeling very well. In first week I felt my sleap great and the day after is no longer bad.
The crash soud in my body desapear too.

Anonymous 02.06.2009. 15:53

"I had it for 8 weeks and got severe strange headaches never experienced before - like all your blood went up to head or you were upside down. It lasted for days until I stopped drinking it. I only had 1o z per day (morning with empty stomach) as instructed. I wonder if anyone had same side affect as me?"

i come from a family were noni is a way of life. my aunt is a kahuna and we have used it for all kinds of ailments, especially cancer. with the noni on an empty stomach, its not a good idea, we always used it before or during meals. as for the headaches im not sure what to tell you but i think it would affect your stomach(cleansing) before your head.

crys 08.06.2009. 01:07

I have started having bad headachea too. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem. I've ruled out everything and it always comes back to the noni as the cause. I was thinking maybe I'm releasing some toxins and that's the reason. Its a bit alarming. I wonder if I should stick it out or discontinue use.

Marilyn 08.06.2009. 19:04

I just started drinking Noni juice four days ago. Instruction on the bottle says take 2 oz three time a day. But everytime I drink it, it's giving me stomachache instantly. today, I only took 1 oz and my stomach did not react to it. I wonder if this is the right dosage for me?

Don 11.06.2009. 11:37

I've been taking it for about a year and half now. I never suffered any side effects. It has had an amazing effect on my shoulder pain, neck and back more pain. I always took on an empty stomach. I also had to increase the amount I took as it lost some effectiveness. It seemed to have leveled off at 4 1/2 ounces a day. I understand that there is a book in print by a doctor that has wrote about the different doses according to age and conditions. I never read it but have seen on other forums that people do change their doses accordingly. This is the first I read about any adverse side effects. the liver failure part is concerning to me and I would like to find more info about it. Tahitian Noni does have a PDR (Physician Desk Deference)on their web site that says that they have determined that there are no known side effects and is safe to take with other medications. I am online now ordering more.

Jos de Mooij 29.06.2009. 11:40

I experienced only good stuff. I use the Bula Noni pure (strong and not very tasteful). The first few days I had more energy, then I got more tired in my torso. After one more week I ate more and still lost weight. But I continued using it. Now I have no more pain in my joints. I ghad light artritis in my hips and shoulder, backpains etcetera. All Gone! Also my vision is better. I feel 20 years jounger after 3 months.

I strongly feel that NONI does what it is advertising. And that is...

1. make cells work as they are supposed to work
2. free up energy
3. cleanses the body
4. feel your youth coming back.

But during the first repairs I got more tired. I think my body was using more energy to repair itself (well.. if cells do what they are supposed to do, I guess that they then use more energy instead of building up fat or something like that), but of course I cannot be sure about that.

SUMMARY: Bula Noni... thanks... a LOT!

yasmin 30.06.2009. 09:46

does noni really affect periods in women?

jenny 09.07.2009. 10:07

My Aunt has a noni plant in puerto rico and she sells the juice mixed with cranberry juice (if you drink it by itself it tastes like pure puke and its really thick also). All my aunts take it and it's been really helpfull, one of them has diabetis and shes fine.. she didn't get no side effects. My other 2 aunts lost a lot of weight drinking it. I started takin it this year after my asthma got really bad..i really couldn't breathe ok at all, i was weezin all the time and it was really hard for me to sleep. the first time i took it i felt i was breathing a lot better right away, it cleared my lungs that i felt it as it went down my throat. I get my period really bad, but now i get a lot less cramps than before. The only bad bad thing is that i do get diarrhea so i try not to drink it so much now that im better.

Monique 27.07.2009. 12:11

I have been drinking Tahitian Noni juice for 12 yrs now and have had great results.
1. I used to have DAILY headaches - gone
2. I used to have migraines at least once a week - gone
3. Allergies - non-existent (I tried not drinking Tahitian Noni for 6 months and my allergies were bad)
4. Tahitian Noni keeps me regular - no constipation what so ever.
5. Noni keeps me alert, energetic and slim

Tip: I stop drinking noni for a week or up to one month every 6 months. That way I know whether I need it or not. As I said before, after 10 years I stopped for about 6-8 months but recently started again because of allergies, lack of energy and headaches.

putz 27.07.2009. 19:03

Cindy and anon - also have had really stuffed and woozy upside down head, which lasted about a week after stopping noni juice. Only had 15ml + juice on empty stomach for breakfast and used half a bottle.

LJ 28.07.2009. 10:51

I have been asthmatic for the past 10 years until I started taking 2 ounces of Noni Juice daily -- the Noni Juice has made my asthma diminish - no more inhalers and shortness of breath! Please give it a chance to work.

sasha 31.07.2009. 09:16

im a bit confused about noni, i have got heavy period which i thought i could use noni after recommendation of a friend however, it seems like might worsen the condition does anyone no anything about this? Please help!

david 03.08.2009. 02:49

mnay years ago, I took noni juice on a regular basis. One day, I caught the flu, one the first day, I took more than the regular dosage together with orange or apple juice. It worked wonders for me as it stopped the flu but also actually stopped my smoking habit.

There I was, sitting in the pub, with my friend blowing the smoke into my face and i had no urge to pick up a stick. Th eurge was to knock my friend in the face for teasing me!! haha.

But silly me, I should have stopped smoking there and then.. but instead started the dirty habit again.

as I write this, I intend to use noni juice as part of my own treatment to stop smoking permanently!!

Thunder 07.08.2009. 23:41

I eat Bsy Noni Juice for about 2 months already and I started to take this juice is because I have a few health problems which makes me to visit the hospital daily for treatment then one day my friend Jason introduce this noni juice to me since that time my health is getting better by the day.Now i am much more freer because i just need to go to the hospital once a month for a routine check-up.I really am very grateful to my friend and very satisfied with this product.
If you need to contact me to share our opinions then pls contact me at

BE 13.08.2009. 14:21

Does anyone know what happens if you drink noni juice with an expiration date almost two months ago? I couldn't stand the taste, and forgot it in my refrigerator, but it is so expensive, now I'm wondering if I dare mix it with cranberry juice and finish it off, without it finishing me off? This particular brand is 10 ml organic noni,with other ingredients: water,fruit juice concentrates, xanthan gum,and sodium benzoate/potassium sorbate as preservatives.

ade 06.09.2009. 09:19

i started taking tahitian noni jiuce exactly two weeks. noticed increased bowel movements but also started having diffculty breathing/shortness of breath. i am not an asthmatic patient. went off the juice for a couple of days and the shortness of breath disappeared.has anybody experienced this?

Veronique 07.09.2009. 04:48

We would love to have a baby!!! We've been told with my Husband that noni juice could help by fertility problems due to it's effects on reproduction cells.... ???? Has anyone heard anything about how this product influences the longevity of sperms???
Please let me know.
Thank you.


brenda 13.09.2009. 12:11

has anyone heard of hawaiian noni? it's supposed to be superior to other noni juices. it has to be ordered on line

james 19.09.2009. 02:31

I hear noni is good for fertility.What i would like to know is if it can help increase the sperm count as well as help improve sperm motility.If so what will the dosage be and how long can noni juice be taken before a reult can be seen.How can I get an answer to these questions? thank you.

Jane 23.09.2009. 17:23

What is the best type of noni juice to get ,like anything there are good ones and ones to avoid.I did try one, ``noni miracle`` tasted rank, bit like vinegar is this normal.If there is anyone who would give me some advice it would be much appreciated.Thank you

franrus 05.10.2009. 14:20

I started drinking Noni and experience that I have frequent coughting also mild headache. I have also experience loose bowels.

praveen 17.11.2009. 10:39

ma grandpa ages 65 sufferin from cancer can he hav it?

Yogesh 13.12.2009. 05:57

I want to start this drink as instructed, but I afraid that I take hard drink occasionally. Is there any harm for this combination? Pl suggest...

Jerry 27.12.2009. 18:16

I have been taking Noni for over 8 years. I use a natural product from Maui. I sware by this product.

aize 19.01.2010. 11:53

I took noni for the first time today n like all allergies I hav, my throat got dry! Pls has anyone else had this reaction?

Darvin 09.02.2010. 14:36

I have been drinking noni juice for two to three years. I dont buy the noni juice, I have several noni trees in my garden. I make my noni juice naturally and it has work wonderfully for me. I have a skin condition and it has help my skin in looking youthful, smooth and healthy. I also feel it helps me sexually too. I do not regret drinking noni juice.

MaryAnn 13.02.2010. 12:48

I have been using it in my Protein shakes for the past 2 weeks.

Since then I have had my right hand fingers (thumb, Index, & middle finger) become numb and tingling with such pain that it wakes me up at nit. It also happens to mt lest big toe and the pain is severe.

I know it sounds crazy, but I will stop using it in my protein shakes and hopefully it will stop.

Dorothy 21.02.2010. 10:03

I have experienced headaches since using noni, but I tribute it to my body adjusting to it. I am lowering my dosage.

Lauren 26.02.2010. 09:15

I've been taking 2 tbl of Organic Noni from Tahiti by Dynamic each day for about 3 weeks now. I began taking the juice while also taking a cycle of prescription medication for cold sore on my nose, an ailment I frequently get. I noticed the Noni helped heal the sore in about a week less time than usual when taking meds alone. I've also noticed increased energy and sinus clarity. Despite these benefits, I've experienced some side effects including constipation and a dry throat for up to a half an hour after taking the juice. The dry throat is very uncomfortable. I'd like to continue using the product but I'm concerned about the other symptoms I'm experiencing. I'm going to continue to monitor.

Lucretia 08.03.2010. 15:25

I have diabeties and I am afraid to use the Noni juice. I don't know the sugar content and how it will effect my kidneys, liver, heart and that it might causs irreversable damage. I am so afraid.
I wish there was more scientific data for the risks of noni.

marzZa 17.03.2010. 13:56

i just started taking noni yesterday an the taste is addicting! i started drinking it cuz i got a fever. i took 3oz tday an got aliitle scared of the side effects. i understand what could happen but i dnt feel any worse, only bettr seriously

Alice 17.03.2010. 16:55

I have been taking Noni Juice for a while. Suddenly, I notice I have ulcers in my mouth. I was surprised. I saw a dentis who told me that I should make a list of what I have been taking. He told me to stop Noni Juice. I did and I used a special mouth wash and toothpaste and the ulcers. But Noni juice makes me feel younger and I look nicer. I want to start again to see if the ulers will come. I shall let you know if the ulcers come back. However, I intend to go on Noni again

Caroline 02.04.2010. 02:11

Anything your eat or drink wants to be as natural as possible for any benefit. I find some of the reactions amazing on here - but then I find it amazing some of the rubbish people eat and they wonder why they get ill.

Noni juice is a totally natural product that is amazingly beneficial. I have help loads of friends with their ailments - I have a friend who had really bad artheritis and psorisis - after 1 week he could see a reduction in the redness of the psorisis and his lumpy curled up artheritic hands were relaxing. This improved week on week and now - 5 months later,apart from the fact he looks amazingly young, with his artheritis - he has no wrist or elbow pain, his hands look normal and he can close them and grip (he stopped the steroids he was on within the first two weeks of taking Noni - that was not my advice!, he just did this off his own back because he was feelling so well), and the psorisis has completely gone - and he had this continuously for 23 years and nothing the doctors gave him for either of this two ailments ever worked.

He said that it made his bowel moevements looser from the beginning of taking it - but he had a rubbish diet. If you eat a decent healthy diet - you should do a couple of poo's a day - this is normal, but people who eat a convienience food diet - this is not and they worry about more than one poo every few days. Can you imaging the damage you are doing to your body by having all that crap (excuse the pun) inside you for more than it needs to be? eww!

Another friend had really bad pains in his knees and the doctor just gave him some tablets and refused to send him for a MRI scan. I said that he had nothing to loose by taking Noni juice (I also often advice Gogi juice and Aloe vera mixed with noni - depending on the ailments. If I think they have a bad died, I suggest Gogi juice as it has amazing vits and mins and antioxident powers, and if they need healing, aloe vera helps too - you cant have too much of a good thing if its natural (but only at the stated dose).

Anyway, my other friend took my advice, and after a week said that his knees felt loads better, then after two weeks, he said that he couldnt believe how well he felt and was so grateful - he had more enery than he could rember for years, he normally wore permanent knee pads, and more knee pads for his job (electrician), but he was wearing no pads after two weeks. He said that his hand normally hurt daily from using a screw driver - now he had no pain, and when he walked home after work - he felt no pain and normally his knees would be really painful at this time. The doctor also told him that he would not be able to go on a golfing holiday that he had booked - he went and had a great time.

Eventually, he went back to the doctor with renewed anger as he was feeling so much better and was so annoyed at the lack of service from the doctor. He went to complain, and then the doctor agreed to a scan - which showed that he had really bad problems in both knees with his cartilidge, and the ligaments were all loose in both knees. He is now having an operation - it was meant to be next week but they lost his blood test results - so imcompitant!, but anyway - he is going to have an operation so sort out the problem - but the point is - it made him feel so much better because it works at a cellular level and sorts cells out and cleans them up and makes them like new again.

You must remember that the only things that will truely help your general health and well being is natural organic food and drink, and happiness. We cant help the pollution in the air etc - and you can only do your best. Work is stressful too - which is bad for your health, but the healthier and fitter you are, the easier it is for your body and you to cope with attack from virus,s, bacteria etc.

If you eat too much rubbish - it has to have an effect at some stage - cause and effect. I am only a regular healthy person. I am not a practicioner of any kind. I am just open minded and see things that work and recommend them to friends when it sounds like they need them, and so far - its always worked.

Other things that are amazing for healing is pure lavender - heals inside and outside of skin and you can put straight onto an open wound, and also for cancer etc, read Hulda Clarke - 'the cure for all diseases. It is the book for life'.

Good luck and happy living.

joe 06.04.2010. 19:10

hi I am glad I read about the possible side effects of Noni. While I know there are some great benefits of the juice I also noticed some irregular bowel concerns after starting a course. I was a little eager to try the juice in all its glory and probably took too much (almost 2.5ounces a day/80ml) And so I became constipated for some weeks. As soon as I stopped the intake the constipation went away. Motto do the research, hope this helps others in their search for health. Thanks

Sheila 14.04.2010. 13:34

I drink Noni and I love it but I just noticed the one side effect of foul smelling urine which I have been experiencing but I understand that some vitamins can cause this to happen

Sheela 28.04.2010. 04:58

My mum had diabetic can she have noni jucice

Jeanne 28.04.2010. 18:21

Does anyone know of noni's effect on the kidney? just a question I have. I blend fresh noni with V8 Splash Berry Blend. It's good.

sarah 04.05.2010. 07:30

I have taking this for 2 months. I was having bad cough and sore throat, feverish and headache. After that all gone and now i am more energetic, seldom fall me at for further sharing

Phelicia 08.05.2010. 18:01

PLS READ ALL OF THIS: Tahition Noni is the best Noni out there, not hawaiin. Tahitian Noni is grown in a very pristine environment and has been tested and proven to be the most best and potent noni. I take it for blood pressure and it has taken me off my blood pressure pills. My cat allergies are gone. My son's allergies and asthma is GONE. It basically improves anything that's lacking in the body. It's a taste to be acquired but it's for your health not your taste. There are flavored Noni's now to help with that.

I question the side affects validity. I don't believe them because Tahitian Noni Int.'l does HUMAN clinical studies and this TAHITIAN NONI (not other noni's) is in the Medical PDR (Physician's Desk Reference)and is listed as having absolutely NO ADVERSE EFFECTS MEANING NO side effects.

You mess around and get a different brand of Noni not from a distributor and you will have side effects because most others are not pure noni. I think some of these side effects are in people's head too. Looking for something to say it doesn't work. PEOPLE WITH DIABETES absolutely can drink it. That was Tahitian Noni's first discovery that it helps. I have several friends that drink it and their Sugar levels are stablilized to the point of no more meds. NOW THAT'S REAL TALK! I chose to join the company and get the discount of the product because of what it miraculously did for my family, friends, and myself. They have noni for dogs and horses. Excellent hair and skin care products too. I swear I look beautiful from it. (smiling) Check out the site. Oh and you don't have to be sick to drink it. It's a great preventative maintenance.

Victoria 12.05.2010. 19:40

i took this product(NONI) yrs ago and experienced great,wart and scar tissue. Wart gone,scar tissued leveled. Many years later had another wart appear on my finger and decided to try Noni again...and to my amazement the wart shrunk to 3/4 the size in a matter of a week. Not the best tasting- but truely believe in this product. I also take a product high in antioxident properties called Monavie-and have had better results with Aloha Noni in a short period of time. There is alot to be said about the healing properties of Noni. VT of Payson,AZ

Cathy 13.05.2010. 18:02

We live in the country where there are lots of ticks. Needless to say, one day last year I'd gotten a tick bite that had gotten into my bloodstream before I could catch it in time. You could see my veins around the swollen bite and it had fever! The hospital gave me a shot and put me on strong antibiotics for about 7 days. It helped at first, but after I ran out of the antibiotics, I didn't want to go back for more and the bite started getting worse again. I started drinking the Noni juice and used those pads on my feet that draw out toxins. In 2 days, the bite was totally gone! So, yes, I am a believer in this Noni juice!

toni 14.05.2010. 00:57

hello, I'm using polinesian noni for about 4 days now I can feel more energy on my body, I was just wondering since it says that it helps with blood circulation does anyone now if it helps with hairloss since it effects the blod flow, maybe who knows

hahn 21.05.2010. 11:06

Noni is great stuff. High in anti-oxidents. It can help with many different ailments. Genesis Pure also has Noni and is 100% pure with no added other fruit juices or preservatives. They also carry other products that are good for you and have many other beneficial properties.

abbi 27.05.2010. 08:57

I Have been taking it for some days now no side effects & my skin is shining its great

ab 27.05.2010. 09:00

how long does it takes to see results when drinking noni

karthik 04.06.2010. 01:37

is it cure any hair fall prob ?

Joanna 07.06.2010. 13:59

Hello to everyone...
I came accros Noni juice, because I made a full time job researching stroke as my Mom got one last week...
some stroke patience and/or their families were using Noni juice and report as a wonderful help with energy, alertness, numbness in legs and arms being less immobilizing and so on...
my motto in life is:
"use everything in small portions"...
some of you experiencing upset stomach and might be just that your body does not like the "shock" of something good!
I know it sound like a sick joke...but I am serious...and do not mean to make fun of anyone..
I for example can not drink coffee on empty stomach..almost instantly I get upset stomach and headache...not to say that coffee is "good for me"...but just that my body does not deal with it very well as a first 'greeting" in the morning...can not eat ice cream...get monstrous headaches...
but my husband is using Noni juice for period of time (close to 2 years) and his cholesterol got to a level that Lipitor is no longer needed.
Greetings to all of you.

chirag bhatt 19.06.2010. 06:26

my father is kidney patient. is it possible to courey is kindney. pls, give me response.

nd1 22.06.2010. 17:19

After reading some of these posts, I would say that some of the reactions may be due to additives in the particular brand of noni juice that you purchased. The noni fruit is a detoxifier and when you detoxify and the toxins come out in your blood, you can get headaches and other reactions. So you should be drinking plenty of water on top of that to flush out both your urinary and intestinal systems. If the noni juice is concentrated, dilute it with purified water. Pure noni doesn't taste good and is usually mixed with a tastier fruit like an orange or apple. The cranberry probably has sugar in it. Noni, by itself is not high in sugar. It is recommended that you drink it with food and not by itself.
Another recommendation is not to drink too much of it and to only use it as a detoxifier and take breaks from using it. Use it for a couple of weeks and then stop depending on what it is being used for and how it is being used. You can always start up again. As for the outdated noni, throw it out. Detoxification is a good thing to do before pregnancy to increase fertility, but not during it.

mark 28.06.2010. 11:06

I picked up the pure juice in Hawaii, felt wonderful but after a week of taking 2 oz. daily I
noticed a cough and dry mouth. after laying off of the juice for a week I am felling fine so will drop back to every other day?

Tracey 02.07.2010. 08:08

I had been very poorly for 7 weeks with a throat infection. After 3 seperate visits to my GP & being told i have a virus i was beside myself. A friend recommended noni juice & within an hr of taking it i started to feel better. It's now been 5 days. My throat has fully recovered & i feel great. With no side effects. Thank you so much Noni juice.

mila 02.07.2010. 09:06

do noni cause anemia or it can treat peoplewho is anemia, ant also i want to know wheather women who bleed excess can be cure.

linda 17.08.2010. 19:45

Noni works wonders for the body . I have been taking it for 4 yrs and I feel great. My skin and hair looks healthy. I am full of energy and my weight has been maintained. Doctors are amazed that after being diagnosed with Lupus there are no signs today that indicate the disease ever exsisted. I am perfectly healthy and happy. Thank God for this natural fruit.

FMICEO 15.09.2010. 16:42

I am a independent consultant for Tahitian Noni International and I must say if you want the facts from scientists go to my site: I personally drink it everyday and know many people that do. I have only heard of good to great things that authentic tahitian noni juice does for the human body

preety 20.09.2010. 12:36

I have been taking noni juice for some weeks 3 to 4 times weekly and it has help me to lose weight and as far as i know it's very useful for diabetics patients and in my family my mum ,dad and brother do have diabetes so as a measure of precautions i take noni juice,i have no constipations but sometimes i get bad headaches,pls do tell me if the headaches is caused by the noni juice.

Emma 09.10.2010. 10:54

I have been taking noni for a few months and I have had increased energy, keeps my bnoating and weight down and helps with pain.

I did have a few reactions when I first starting taking it which is obviously due to detox symptoms. I lowered the dose and gradually increased it again to a dose that felt good for me and made sure I drank lots of water.

I orginally started taking it because I have severe endometriosis and chocolate cysts on my ovaries. There has been reports of Nonis benefits in reducing the size of fibroid tumours and as endometriosis is also caused by estrogen dominance (perhaps removing estrogen by-products more effectively by the liver) I am giving it a go. It really does help with the pain but one word of advice do not take when you are bleeding. I found a scientific journal explaining that one of the ingredients in noni juice is an anti-inflammatory but increases bleeding time. I did carry on taking in during menstruation and I bled for longer which is not a good idea in my condition. However taking it during the rest of the month is very beneficial to me.

Sam 10.11.2010. 16:00

My mom is going through alcohol withdrawls. im womdering will this help?

Beth 08.12.2010. 12:19

I took Aloha Noni juice. I watched the show "Your Health" with Dr.Richard Becker and Cindy Becker who owns the Bioinnovations line of supplements and sells the Aloha Noni also. The show is usually on one of the Christain broadcast stations. Look up what time his show is on in your area and watch it for a few weeks you will learn a lot. He also has published a book. You can get it from your library, ask them to order it. A very worthwhile read. He mentions that Noni is safe to take and has many uses for better health.

I recieved a bad bottle of Acai has anyone tried that? It wasn't sealed properly,it was chipped. It must of been damaged in shipping. They didn't stand behind it, because I hadn't checked all the bottles within 30 days. Check your case of Noni or Acai it you order from them right away.

Carmel 18.12.2010. 03:09

I have been using noni (but only Tahitian Noni because I know it is grown in the wild in Tahiti, their factory is there and they support the local people) for 12 years. I take 60mls a day - sometimes in 2 x 30 mls, sometimes in one dose. For allowing better sleep, it is fantastic. I upped my dose to 90mls to see if it did anything else for me, and I found my night vision improved so much I didn't need night driving glasses. When I first took the juice at 60mls after a few days I felt yukky. I discussed this with the local distributor who told me it was the toxins moving out of my body... I stuck it out and within 3 days felt on top of the world. I ALWAYS keep a small jar in the fridge. It is fantastic for acne - just rub it on your face as much as you like (don't continually stick your fingers in the bottle, but pour some into a small bowl - don't need much) and for burns or cuts there is nothing like it. Immerse the hurting part in juice and the pain will go away in a very short space of tme. I love this stuff and I will never be without it in my home - I always find new uses for it.

Barbara 25.12.2010. 21:03

I took Tahitian Noni Juice for several years. My cousin introduced me to it. I had diahrrea three or four days the first week - I was told that was my body getting rid of toxins. But I became a believer in Noni juice after two weeks. I felt better--no pain, blood sugars were better, had more energy, asthma disappeared and was resistant to colds and flus. Stopped it after it got so expensive. Think I'll start it again regardless of the expense. Last few years, much pain because of a fall. Nothing helps except pills, then the pain is back in 4 hours. Afraid of addiction to the pills and the Noni juice would be cheaper. Hadn't thought of it that way uintil reading the comments of others here. Thank you.

M Parker 01.01.2011. 07:30

I started taking Tehitian Noni Juice recently. Shortly thereafter I expierenced an infection in my bladder and Prostate Gland, as I was also urinating blood. My Kidney count was also registered low. Albeit I am not blaming this on my use of the Noni juice, I did stop taking the juice for a time. i was prescribed antibiotics for the infection that is extremeny slow in healing. My reason for taking Noni Juice to begin with is that i was diagoneses years ago with Sarcoidosis. As it has increasingly worsened, for approximately one year and 9 months have been suffering excruciating pain (as doctor's say it is a symptom of Scardosis) in and around my right lower abdominal area that that moves up and down the top portion my right hip/leg, as it sometimes leaves me almost unable to walk. I was sent to to be examined and diagnoised by specialists as I was prescribed numerous medications which included (inhalants and) one painkilling medication after another in an attempt to control my pain until I am now taking the dangerously addictive painkiller Oxycodone. Fearing an eventual addiction to this medication with no relief of my pain, I once again decided to try the Noni Juice only this time I incresed the amount I was previously taking. I take this juice three times a -day. I can truthfully state today 1/1/2011 I take only one Oxycodone pill daily, meaning I cut the pill in half, as I take one half of a pill in the morning and the other half of the same pill prior to going to bed at night, as I use no other medications including inhalants since resuming my use of Noni Juice. Soon I hope to be completely off medication and totally relying on the Noni Juice. Oh yes, I'm also taking an herbal supplement for the health of my Prostate. i truthfully think that each and every individual who can take this product, should try and find their balance/tolorence-level. Anyone with similar experences, please share them with me at

Malaysian 13.01.2011. 07:26

I tried BSY Noni after being referred to it by a friend. After taking two tubes (1-2 ml) at night before bedtime I felt nothing at first but then couldn't sleep for the next 5 hours.

The next morning I took another 2 tubes into an empty stomach. After 10 mins I started to develop cold sweat and became extremely hungry and weak because of the acidity of Noni juice. Tis happened eventhough I had breakfast 3 and a half hours ago.

I would be careful with Noni juice if I were u.

qammie 31.01.2011. 15:22

I just started drinking Noni a few days ago, recommended by my girlfriend who swears by it. I suffer from acid reflux (digestive problems) but I am worried about its high acicity. I don't want to make it worse. I live in Antigua where the plant grows wildy and is prolific, but we most of us don't really use it. We place the fruits in a jar and let them drain, addiding more druits as necessary. Then take 1-2 teaspoonsful in lemonade or juice of choice, or just drink it straight. I find however, that I have headaches and real indigestion lately. Wondering if the noni is the problem and should I discontinue. Problem is there are no medical evidence to be sure.

Young Henry 16.02.2011. 16:08

I started taking noni a year ago for no specific reason.I mix 2 teaspoon in 4oz juice diluted w/4oz water,teaspoon of whey protein shake up in a container and down the hatch. I noticed a drop in weight of several pounds over the course of several months, also lower back pain improved. Results of my blood work improved especially in the kidney area.

Sharon 08.04.2011. 19:16

I have Parasites in my GI Tract will Noni help cure this?Thx :)

Bala 13.04.2011. 22:20

Thanks for the above info. I have a few questions.

My mom is having white spots on the skin. Taking NONI juice will really help??
Will there be any side effects??
Has anyone with the problem of white spots in the skin been cured??





enas 18.05.2011. 04:49

hi to every one,

I start drinking indian noni joce
5ml mixed with water twice aday for 3 days then
10ml mixed with water twice a day for 3 days then
15 ml also twice a day.
after drinking 10 ml for 1 day i start feeling so tierd i have very bad headach, dizziness i can't eat is it normal
please comment

DJ 29.05.2011. 00:42

I was diagnosed with PCOS, which caused horrific periods (heavy "flooding" type bleeding that lasted 2-3 weeks) with clotting - which led to extreme anemia and was nearly impossible to manage.
The week after Christmas 2005, I started drinking 1 oz of Tahitian Noni a day. I remember the date so clearly because in January of 2006, my period was strangely less heavy, February was even better and by March 2006, my periods were normal and the other symptoms of PCOS have been greatly minimized. Mind you - I had been going to doctors about this condition since 1988, and they couldn't help me - in fact, they made it worse.
My periods have been normal for over 5 years now, after a lifetime of abnormal.

One day about eight months ago, my daughter-in-law broke into tears as she admitted that they had been trying for over 18 months to get pregnant with no success. I gave her some Noni to try and when she said her periods had improved, I gave her a refrigerator box (will last over a month) and told her to take at least an ounce a day. Whenever she runs out, I give her more. Tonight they came over and announced that she is two months pregnant.

I don't know about other health conditions, but I am convinced that Noni helps balance female hormones.

Lynn 01.06.2011. 19:31

nomi juice is helped with painin my feet bt giving me stomach upset and loose bowels. What shall I do

Kathy 10.06.2011. 19:01

I started drinking Noni juice a little over a month ago. I immediately felt like I had the flu. I was told by my distributor that my body was " detoxifying" and to keep drinking it. I was told to increase the dosage. I even did my own experiments and found when I skipped doses, I felt better. It was even suggested that I try the Extra and incrase the dosage to 2 oz/twice per day. As soon as I started on it, I felt even worse!!!I was like a Zombie all day. I did call the company after being thoroughly frustrated and tired of feeling so awful, to be told that some people have an allergic reaction to the product and to get off it immediately. I was also told to drink a lot of water to help rid it from my system. I will give credit to the company as I was told,if I returned the empty and new bottles, I would get reimbursed. Unfortunately, I just put out the used bottles for recycling a few days ago. I will return at least what I never drank. My advice is if you get to feeling worse or even get sick ( Like I did), get off the stuff no matter what you are told. I know it has worked so called miracles for some, but it sure didn't for me. Good luck to everyone with this product...hope it works for you.

Mark 14.06.2011. 18:48

Hi to Sharon,
I have found a way to draw roundworms out of the large colon. Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 capsule of oregon grape root powder, and 1 rounded teaspoon of freeze dried organic coffee. Put all into 2 quart jar and add luke warm water and add to enema bag. Take in slowly as needed and then expell. If you look into the toilet bowl when you first start going watch for worms! I released a 12 footer I believe I picked up in Hawaii. I also recommend a product to cleanse the small intestine called super colon cleanse. I would do both of these at least seasonally. Good Luck!

Fitness 26.06.2011. 15:29

What people need to understand is that every human being and the way our boy works is individual to that person. An effect may happen to one person and not another. Allergies are most common when consuming anything new. As for headaches- fatigue- intestinal problems-- you have to think of this juice as a cleanse. It's getting the bad "stuff" out and allowing your body to reinstate to its normal function. Your body reacts with headaches etc... because it is going through a withdrawl period. It's similar to those who quit smoking or quit drinking alcohol. Your body gets rid of the bad and it reacts with a breakdown. Don't give up- your body is telling you that you have too many toxins in it and it's time to get them out!

Anonymous 28.07.2011. 08:44

I started my mum who is eighty (80) years on noni juice on the 26th of July, 2011. She developed diarrhea with vomitting on the 27th of July,2011.


Maheswari Thilak 11.08.2011. 00:14

I am taking Divine Noni from 5-08-2011 onwards(Friday). On the third day I had severe sneezing and cold. But I knew that Noni is doing its cleansing work. Next day I had no sigh of cold. I was taking Sidha medicine for sugar but stopped after taking Noni. I have no problem with sugar. I had other problems like skin irritation and hair loss and leg pain. My skin rashes have gone and my hair loss stopped within this 6 days.leg pain almost 505 o.k. In my opinion Noni is a divine medicine if it is used meticulously.

Maheswari Thilakraj 11.08.2011. 00:29

I have started using Noni from 5-8-2011 on wards. I had severe sneezing and cold on the third day ( I took only 5ml /day). On monday I had no sign of cold. I know very well that Noni has started working. I had other problems also sugar, skin rashes and leg pain. I stoped taking medice for sugar. My skin rashes have gone and my sugar level are also O.K and leg pain ? It's gone. What a wonderful and divine fruit juice the ALMIGHTY has given to the Human being! A sigle medicine for all ailments!

maggie 17.08.2011. 16:56

my husband has got IBD ulcerative colitis. He started drinking Noni two weeks ago and a few days ago his liver blood test was really high. His doctor told him to stop drinking Noni for few weeks untill next blood test. Anyone knows about side effect on liver?

this one 27.08.2011. 23:05

I have just taken some of the noni juice, and honestly, ITs been a teeter totter situation. I'm noticing that I'm no longer fatigued, and I would get my arthritis for a moment, then it would heal just as if nothing happened.. I'm seeing that this is a detoxifying drink, so you can only go by what your body tells you to do, and drinking to much, expecially to detox is harmful, and thats for anything. I feel like I can tolerate pain, or physical stress on to my body now, I'll see what happens.

Paula 31.08.2011. 14:22

could someone please tell me if i take noni juice whale using atripla and be safe (hiv+)

joyce mccarter 06.10.2011. 16:44

I have been taking Organic noni for 3yrs, every morning before breakfast of coffe, Ihave R.A. and it has done wonders for me I get DR. Beckers it is the pure kind no fillers or add sugar.

efi 11.10.2011. 05:32

I had chronic nasal problems and I'm very positively predisposed to herbs and natural solutions to health problems. I took Noni juice at the recommended dosage and after a week at a toilet visit and after having been relieved, I experienced an acute, terrible, excruciating pain in the intestines, something I had never experienced before for about 10 minutes, then the pain got milder and remained mild for the rest of the night (I fell asleep early at night because of being exhausted by the pain). I stopped the juice since then and I'm afraid to try it again and I also feel awful for having spent 27 euros after the discount for a bottle of juice that is now useless.

Kathy 02.11.2011. 19:09

Do not take Noni if you are pregnant. I suffered 3 miscarriages while on noni. Noni decreases estrogen levels in the body, thus decreasing progesterone to sustain a developing fetus. If you have suffered a miscarriage while on noni please post or comment. I have wrote the company but still do not see any warning labels on the bottle.

JER0EN R0LAND 09.12.2011. 16:12

i take everyday in the morning a full tablespoon Noni juice, it give me a well being a good mood and have a good nights sleep and improve bowel movements.

KP 09.12.2011. 20:36

The Noni Products Gives Mix Results Depending On The Person(Blood Type), The Dosage & Need For Taking.. Allow Your Body To Tell You The Truth, Give It Time But Not To Much If The Side Effects Are To Severe...

noma 18.01.2012. 03:32

please i will want to know if Tahitian Noni boost fertility in woman and if it also balances the female hormones. cos i just started taking it.

Cindy Toh 26.02.2012. 10:18

I tried noni juice about 3 years ago, and drink for 1 year. I stopped due to not effect from it. I spend alot of money on it. I am a Singaporean. It's not a cheap product but the sales team claims it can slim you down and make your healthy. They even said it can cure cancer and sickness. ALL LAIRS.

But after spending tons of $$$ I'm still the same. I drink noni juice daily.

My health is still the same. I am FAT until the day I stop drinking noni juice.
I don't smoke or drink.

I drink noni juice because some people say it clear the poison from your body and make you slim.

The taste is Extremely Awkward even if I had drink it for 1 year. I still find the Taste very bad.

I forced myself to drink.

I stopped. I think in order to stay healthy you must exercise and eat healthy and not base on Noni Juice.

It got no effect on me. I spend the money on health consultant instead and go for gym courses.

I smiled I am a much better person now. I loses 40KG from the courses and regular exercise, with excellence diet and from excising.

Cindy Toh 26.02.2012. 10:22

To noma

It got no effect at all. it does nothing good.

Bad taste. Expensive. Make you bad breath.

And I regretted taking it as I loses so much $$$ and gain nothing but suffering.

Some may claim excellent result but not me.

And 5 of my friend took it also STOPPED. they feel the same as us.

The seller said : 1 year for result. no result for me.

Kathy Jones 28.02.2012. 19:18

I got exposed to the white phosphor powder in florescent light bulbs and used colloidal gold to counter the toxic effects. I then used noni juice to re-balance my potassium levels. The problem with noni juice is that people don't realize that it should be used as a medicine...not a fruit drink. Too much salt is damaging also, whereas a small amount if highly beneficial. It is the use, not the juice that causes the ill effects.

Regina 08.03.2012. 02:00

Noni juice definately helped me achieve pregnancy, especially after I elimated about 97% of any soy containing products from my diet, and starting cooking with olive oil and cocount oil. I have PCOS and I had way too much estrogen in my body. I ended up miscarring from a vitamin D3 deficiency. I had it so bad that my doctor told me to be thankful that it happened before my 2nd semester. This all happened 11 months ago and I now take 3000IUs of D3, try to stay out in the sun with the dog for 15-20min when weather permits and back on pure noni juice -2capfuls mixed mixed with OJ in the morning and 2 capfuls 2hrs before bed in any juice mixed with water. For anyone trying to conceive don't give up hope :)

gustavo alvarez 14.04.2012. 10:22

I have squeezed and taken noni juice for more than 15 years, because I live in the Dominican Republic where it grows wild , and I can tell you this : each one of us is different and only your organism will tell you the doses , but start with 2 oz. in the morning on an empty stomach, hold it in your mouth 1 min , so your teeth and gums are cleansed and swallow. Drink half a glass of water after every time you drink noni juice. Same at night before going to sleep , another 2 oz. Some people will want an extra dose during the day.The thing about side effects is that some people are very intoxicated with bad food , junk food , chemicals ect. or a sedentary lifestyle . Noni is only disintoxicating you.Taking noni juice goes must along with a healthy lifestyle and plenty of exercising......If not you are just wasting time and money. Noni is a gift of Grace.

Sunny Imudia 22.05.2012. 04:57

I just started using Noni on 20/05/12 with 2 tablespoonfull on a glass of water morning and evening before food. The second day, I woke up with an upset stomach after having a very goodnight sleep the previous night. I can say that was the best sleep I have had for a very long time. Should I lower the dosage because of the upset stomach or should I continue with it? I will be happy is someone can advice.

Anonymous 23.05.2012. 19:18

I have been using NONI for over 10 years and I never ever had any side affects. In 2002 they said I had high blood pressure & high cholestoral & wanted to put me on medication. I refused they poison & I started to use NONI. From the first week of using the NONI, btw, I made my own. I pick the fruit, clean it let it get soft than I put it into a gallon bottle to ferment. I than drain & keep the juice refrigerated & take a half a jigger daily. Within a 6 month period I saw the cholestoral in the toilet bowl, because yes I do check it daily, it looked like little pieces of confetti. When I saw that I knew it was the cholestoral going i was flushing down. I knew insteadly that that was the black lining that had accumalated know as cholestorel.

Bubbles 07.06.2012. 07:47

I have taken noni because my co worker started selling it. Everyone at work was buying this stuff, so I joined the wagon and night a small bottle. Surprisingly my face cleared up, I've always had acne on my face not severe but mild. I tried all the soaps creams but nothing did wonders like noni juice. My face was clear after drinking a medicine cup full every other day in the morning for a month.

It also regulated my bowels and p me more energy. I suspect the increased energy level came from the caffeine the juice contained.

On the other side, I started experiencing more menstrual cramps than usual while drinking the juice. So I stopped the juice and the the cramps lessened.

Food for thought listen to your body what works for some doesn't work for all.

I have recently started drinking acai berry juice. So far my skin has cleared up, we'll see how acai berry hold up. I'm done with noni, too risky.

JOAN 30.06.2012. 09:04


albert 26.07.2012. 02:31

i am taking divine nony for nearly a month. iam a TRIGEMNAL NEURALGIA patient. and have been suffering from intense pain in my jaw for years. now the pain has reduced. though i am diabetic i continue to drink the juice.

lhen 27.08.2012. 01:19

it's good

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