Noni Juice Side Effects Part II.

Everyone has been talking a lot about Noni juice lately. This is a special type of juice that comes from a fruit found on Cook Islands. However, one thing that a lot of people want to know about this new fruit is, does noni juice have any side effects? For the most part, there are no side effects that have been found with the Noni Juice. Of course, there are some minor problems that a few people might get from drinking this juice that can happen naturally. Also, it's important to point out that these fruits are not on the FDA's list of safe foods. So what are the minor problems people can have, and why is the fruit not on the list of safe foods? These are questions that we are going to answer right now!

First of all, many people have been drinking the Noni Juice. However, people have been drinking it for a much longer time than when we found out about it here in America. Some people that drink Noni juice do experience some discomfort. Usually this includes things like bloating and some digestive troubles. Of course, it's important to point out that this is not common and happens to very few people only. They say that they think it is caused because our body is not used to this fruit, and some react to it differently. No matter what the food is, there are always going to be some people that have a bad reaction to it. There is the list and an explanation of the most common side effects of noni juice and also the probable reasons for them.

Something else that a lot of people have noticed is that this Noni Juice is not on the FDA's list, that is known as the GRAS. This stands for “generally regarded as safe.” The problem is that people think that food that is not on this list is bad. However, there are a lot of things that are not on this list that people eat every day. For example, salt and pepper are products that are very commonly used in today's lifestyle. However, neither one of these appear on the list. They say that the GRAS is a list, that pretty much only covers food that is not natural. That would be things like food additives and synthetic products. Usually things that are grown naturally (like vegetables and, in this case, fruit) are not normally on the list. In fact, they say that if it's a food that scientists consider safe, then it does not need to appear on the list.

Overall, this is not a fruit that is poisons to pets, small children, or adults. Just like every natural food, there are always different reactions for different people. However, most people that try Noni Juice should not see anything except helpful benefits as most fruits are good for us. So if you are looking for a great drink that is, not only good for you, but is proven to have very little to no side effects, then you will want to try this Noni Juice.

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Dinachandra 29.01.2010. 01:24

Noni is a very good suppliment so far i found in my life.

Megan Grant 01.03.2010. 05:43

Ifind noni verry helpful to me,it settle my stomuch it ease hartburn, get reed of gas.

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