Noni Juice Benefits

There has been a case of a woman who says; she found the cure to migraines. She says she found this in Noni Juice, and after a few weeks her chronic daily migraines vanished. Tahitian Noni Juice Benefits comes from the fruit found on the morinda citrifolia tree, which can be found in the South Pacific amongst other places. The natives of that region have been using Noni juice to aid their health for thousands of years.

According to the International Noni Communication Council, and the Council’s physician, Dr. Neil Solomon, Noni juice is dosed in four phases, there is the first phase, which is the test servings used for three days. The second phase is the loading serving, which is used for about one month. The third stage is the therapeutic serving, which is used for two to six months and there is the fourth stage, which is the prevention serving for seven months and more. Dr. Soloman lists how much you should be taking each day, during each phase depending on your age.

People who have taken Noni juice say that it can be used for many different conditions such as, increasing energy, improving asthma, lessening allergy symptoms, help in weight loss, lessen the symptoms of cancer, help improve arthritis, improve diabetes and help decrease pain. The Tahitians also claim Noni contributes to long and healthy living, by slowing down the aging process. One person claimed it was safe to take with all medicines, even blood pressure medicines. One of these miracle substances in noni is proxeronine, which is a predecessor to xeronine. Xeronine is claimed to improve health and increase longevity by allowing the body to repair itself quicker and it is also said to help reduce the need for sleep.

Some of the noni products are being sold worldwide; supposedly do not contain the amount of noni juice that they claim.

Buying enough Noni juice to drink can be expensive. But there are many ways to buy different Noni products and still remain within a budget. The best way to use Noni juice is in small doses of one or two ounces a day. Some people might find this tedious, using precise measurements, but you can’t really put a price on your well being and health and the Noni Juice Benefits you get from the juice.

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