Is Noni Juice Toxic

Noni juice is actually a kind of juice that a lot of people say is beneficial to us but it is typically used as an alternative medicine, as in traditional medicines. Modern science however has not verified the usefulness of Noni juice as a medicine. Used as a traditional medicine, Noni juice is taken for asthma, fever, eye problem, skin problem and also constipation, among others. And the thing with traditional medicine, you never know if the so called medicine is good or harmful to our health.

Even though there are still a lot of people who uses Noni juice as an alternative medicine, there are also experts that argue Noni juice can be dangerous and toxic for human consumption. This claim however is not supported by any concluded research or studies. There are some claims that people being hospitalized after drinking or consuming too much of the Noni juice but none of these claims were admitted to be true by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

There are also claims that Noni juice is beneficial cancer patients and that Noni juice can somehow decrease the amount of cancer cells in the patients’ body. It is these claims that cause the Noni juice to be bought by a lot of consumers. Everyone thought that Noni juice is a miracle. A kind of miracle drug or medicine to help cure the many ailments that human gets.

French health officers, at one point, told their consumers not to drink more than 30ml of Noni juice in a day. They told the consumers that they have researches to show that the Noni juice is bad for the liver. What they did not tell the consumers however, is the fact that their researches are based on four patients who are hospitalized because of liver problems. Two of these patients were confirmed to have taken acetaminophen, an over the counter drug that is strong with liver toxins. In this case, it is not the fault of the Noni juice, but the acetaminophen is to be blamed.

Noni juice also has no side effects, as per some claimed by the so called experts. There are only good side effects for those who drink Noni juice on a regular basis. The good side effects of drinking Noni juice include increased strength of immune system, improved digestion, and to encourage weight loss. Some people also used the Noni juice to help with allergies, skin diseases, arthritis, and also diabetes. Even both the Department of Agriculture and the US Food and Drugs Administration have suggested and recommended that the Noni juice is quite safe.

So to say that Noni juice is toxic is an overstatement. There are no proven theories or studies or researches that can conclude that the Noni juice is toxic to our body. There are some who claim that the Noni juice is toxic to our body but their claims are really only falling deaf ears. Besides who would want to listen to some experts’ advice if both the Department of Agriculture and the US Food and Drugs Administration even suggested that the Noni juice is quite safe and it does not contain anything toxic? But still, the safest and the recommended thing to do before you start using noni juice - consult your doctor.

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Vincent Pugh 28.05.2009. 00:23

I laugh at statements like these. We have proof. human clinical trials. Where's yours?

Jos 29.06.2009. 12:16

Only good happened after I started drinking noni juice. After three months:

Arthritis... GONE!
Eyesight.... A LOT MORE CLEAR
Digestion... BETTER (no constipation or diarea)
Skin........ IMPROVED

I am almost 54 and even my pubic hair becomes brown again, and that is no joke!

My whole body functions better and after two months of drinking noni, I started doing fitness again. And as of now, I can now do two hours of fitness a day (including weights) without that stupid pain in my joints.

But I can't speak for others, only for myself?

Eric Walter 12.07.2009. 14:52

I also have found NOTHING but benifits in drinking Noni. In fact, I tested Noni to see how it might benifit you with your blood sugar. The test is quite simple. Pour sugar into a bowl and then, pour the Noni into the same bowl... You should now be watching the sugar disapear. Yes, it destroys sugar cells.

I, myself crapped out a huge chunk of sugar which had been in my system for some time. How do I know that it had been in my system for a extended period?

Thae molecules were rather sizable (As if they had been in and soaked up water) Allow me to also remind you that your body is made up of over 70% water. That explains the fact that the sugar molecules were huge.

rebeka 02.09.2009. 19:25

i am now using noni iwill tell you about it as i go along but i start feelin better today than all the days,my digestive system feels much better already

EE MOSS 10.09.2009. 14:14

I have only been taking it for two weeks . I've noticed a great difference going from constipation to very normal bowel movements. my wife is growing it for me in Thailand . She only give me two table spoons a day. She is of the old school with out knowing it. She uses a bowl an and short club to mash the leaves and some stem into a green juice, tastes a little bit like wheat grass.
i'll report more latter. I am not eating the fruit or juicing it----put rather the leaves .

eafukefgue 20.11.2009. 13:15

kevin is a lozer
and brianna could beat him at anytime for running

Reetesh Kumar Srivastava 16.02.2010. 04:26

My whole body functions better and after two months of drinking noni, I started doing fitness again. And as of now, I can now do two hours of fitness a day (including weights) without that stupid pain in my joints.

sahebah 18.07.2010. 22:05

I am consuming noni juice prepared by myself every morning from nearly three month. My constipation is over.n No fatigue at all. But I have a question. Is the seeds crushed with the juice harmful for healt?

Carol 19.12.2010. 00:26

Noni Jiuce consume in small doses daily is beneficial. Whenever it is consumed in large portion I developed a headache and this happen more than once.

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